Beauty Notes

Freeze that fat
Forget the cabbage soup diet; it’s done, it’s dusted, it’s compost! Want to lose inches? Freeze that fat in time for Christmas? Whether it’s your spare tyre, your love handles or man boobs, we all have stubborn parts that we struggle to shift.  An exercise-free solution, you say?! Read on…

Celebrities have been visiting Harley Street and paying up to £1000 for this treatment in order to sculpt their bodies. And now Cryosthetics are bringing this revolutionary non-surgical fat freezing treatment, known as cryolipolysis, to the Dental Health Spa in Brighton next year.

You won’t have to pay Harley Street prices to get into your LBD or dinner jacket for Christmas though, The Spa is inviting clients to trial these treatments by them at the discounted price of £150 for a 90 minute treatment on their revolutionary Cryo Contura+ machine, until the official launch.

This clever machine combines a laser lipo pre-treatment to soften stubborn hardened fat prior to the freezing process, which increases its effectiveness. Laser lipo is currently offered in many clinics as a stand-alone treatment, with varied results due to the need for follow up exercise to burn the fat that is released into the lymphatic drainage system.

The beauty of cryolipolysis is that your fat cells are killed off without the need for exercise.  For more information or to book a free consultation call 01273 710831 or email

[one_half]Crème de la crème
Always keen to find new beauty treasures, we’re completely in love with new night cream Cult 51. Launching earlier this year to a bit of a media frenzy, there is something a little mystical about this cream and the way it works. You’ve read those quote on products that say stuff like ‘more youthful appearance’, ‘disappearance of fine lines’ or ‘skin looks more radiant’ and probably sniffed disbelievingly. We have anyway. But this cream actually does all that. Skin really is smoother, pores diminished, appearance more plumped. It’s magic.[/one_half]


We’ve no idea what’s in this, or whether somehow there’s a deal with the devil in play, but we’re not questioning it. Cult 51 is not the most expensive product on the market, but it’s not cheap at £125 a jar. What price beauty though, hey?

Cult 51 Night Cream 50ml, £125

[one_half]For bros and their mos
The eleventh month means one thing – Movember. Which can often lead into Decembeard, apparently. Whatever. Here at Absolute we applaud the growth of hair for charity, although the rise in hipster face hair might be blamed on the Mo trend, but what they hey. It’s all in a good cause. Care for your face fuzz; sartorial elegance can be found in a bottle, in the shape of The Refinery at Aromatherapy Associates Shave Oil. This rejuvenating oil easily penetrates through the moustache and into the skin, helping to reduce sensitivity, working to rebalance the skin’s natural oils and replenishing and fortifying dry, damaged skin.

The Refinery by Aromatherapy Associates Shave Oil 30ml, £27

[one_half]Face the Winter
We love a good facial and Sothy’s do some excellent seasonal treatments. Top of our list as the days get colder is the delicious Orange & Quince facial. Lasting a luxurious 45 minutes, it’s got lots of luscious active ingredients to oxygenate, hydrate, smooth, brighten and protect the skin from the elements, and it’s perfect for all skin types. Treat yourself.

Sothy’s Orange & Quince Facial £45

Vanessa at Once Bitten, Middleton-on-Sea (nr Littlehampton) [/one_half]