bertie & belle brighton

Bertie & Belle the Only Place for Kids!

Bertie & Belle is the ultimate destination for children’s hair and pamper parties, and now the ONLY place to treat nasty nits!

I have seen many a child throw a tantrum when it comes to a hair cut, let alone anything as scary as nit treatment, but the funfair style chairs and friendly nature of the stylists here make it a lot easier for children and their parents!

After 4 years, this exclusive hair salon is still the number one destination for kid’s haircuts and styling. Offering ‘Baby’s First haircut packages, which include a photograph, certificate and lock of hair, to a speedy trim in a cool car watching their favourite DVD, to racing each other at the X – Box and Game station , there really is something for all age groups.

bertie & belle brighton

This award winning salon has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to children and children’s hair; the staff have all built great relationships with a loyal clientele.

Children actually leave smiling, with lolly pop or ballon in hand. Mums and Dads get the benefit of collect loyalty stamps and leave with a very smart child!

Then there is the ‘pamper bar which accommodates up to 4 girls for nail painting, glitter tattoos, feather hair extensions and now ear-piercing . Booking on Saturdays is a must, as this is the go to place for little girls and their friends on special occasions.

On a less glam note, Bertie & Belle tackle the growing problem of head-lice with their ‘Bye – Bye Bugs’ collection which consists of ‘Bug Blaster’ treatment tonic and ‘Bug Basher’ repelling shampoo. Both products are paraben free and made with gorgeous essential oils, which are effective enough to zap lice and gentle enough for parents to use as often as they wish.

To help parents with the trial of their kiddies head-lice, Bertie & Belle offer treatment packages which range from half an hour, to an hour and a half, depending on the thickness of hair and severity of the case.

Children are made comfortable with a movie set up, while the stylist starts the treatment, teaching you the parents throughout the procedure on how to deal with nits correctly. Once the treatment is complete, whatever tonic is left in the bottle is yours to take home, along with a supply of free removal combs.

Bertie & Belle are offering all readers 20 % each head lice treatment by taking this page (offer valid until 1 May 2016) with each treatment, they will offer a further 20 % off any booked hair trim. Remember this is not just a treatment, the staff will also offer a session to demonstrate the correct procedure, and should you need to treat yourself. “We don’t just treat children, in some cases other children in the family, plus the parents have been treated too!”

For more information and for product details:
TEL: 01273 777775