Between Two Waves @ Rialto Fringe 2021

Between Two Waves @ Rialto Fringe 2021

After a long year of silence, Unmasked Theatre are finally back making theatre again at the brilliant Art Deco Rialto Theatre in the centre of Brighton for the upcoming Brighton Fringe Festival 2021.

‘You do realise it’s not gonna be like England suddenly being not a shitty cold place to visit, or you know more wine tours in Scandinavia, and happier Arctic Wolves?’

Daniel is a climatologist and he knows some seriously bad weather is on its way. Fiona knows his glass is half empty but she is determined to make the absolute best of their relationship. What neither of them knows is whether all they’ve built together can survive the coming storm. Is this the end of the world or the start of something wonderful?

A play about the Climate Crisis, family, photography and being screwed by insurance.

Award winning Unmasked Theatre present Australian Ian Meadow’s powerful climate disaster drama. Following on from previous fringe successes Antony and Cleopatra (winner of The Best of The Brighton Fringe Theatre award from The International Youth Arts Festival), and The Writers’ Bloc (‘Potential to be a modern classic’- Voice Magazine).