Birthday? Wedding? Or just just plain hungry? These are the show-stopping cakes to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Birthday? Wedding? Or just just plain hungry? These are the show-stopping cakes to satisfy your sweet tooth!

If you are looking for a cake for a major celebration or just a little token to show you care, Blue Vanilla Bakes will have you covered. With a tantalising range of Cakes, cupcakes, cookies & brownies made to order for any occasion. Local entrepreneur Abbie Wooltorton has had a passion for baking for as long as she can remember. Like many of us Abbie has had plenty of time on her hands for the last few months whilst being on furlough from her day job, but rather than waste this new found freedom she has taken the time to reflect and reassess what is important to her, and has turned what she loves into a small business.

I came across Blue Vanilla Bakes recently at a small gathering of friends, when the host brought out a tray of beautifully presented and ever so tasty biscuit brownies which went down a storm with all her guests. None more so than I. When I bit into the crispy shell to reveal the gooey centre it was like an explosion of heavenly chocolate fudgy decadence. By far the best brownies I have ever tasted. The rest of the guests all seemed to agree, but what amazed me the most was that they were gluten free too! I immediately logged on to the Blue Vanilla Bakes Instagram page and ordered a cake for my wife’s birthday.

Ordering was easy. I simply sent Abbie a message from her page with my requirements. She got back to me in no time with some options, from which I decided on a rather innovative sounding Eaton Mess cake. What arrived surpassed all my already high expectations! Lighter than air sponge with a lovely strawberry jam filling, smothered in a layer of crisp chocolate and a velvety, decadently sweet buttercream icing, adorned with gooey meringue, and fresh chocolate coated strawberries and blueberries to finish. It was simply incredible, and it wowed our birthday dinner guests! I am certain Abbie gained a few more customers that evening!

If you need a cake for any occasion, or just fancy a sweet treat, look no further than Blue Vanilla Bakes. Choose from any of her array of expertly crafted brownies, delightful cookies or tantalising cupcakes, or just let Abbie know what your heart desires and she will create something truly wonderful that will be certain to impress. Menu and price list can be accessed via the Blue Vanilla Bakes Instagram account under highlights. GF & vegan options are available. To place an order or an enquiry simply send Abbie a message via either the Blue Vanilla Bakes Facebook or Instagram pages.

Tony Shattell


Instagram: @bluevanillabakes