Blu MAX launches in Brighton

Blu MAX launches in Brighton

New Responsive Draw technology packs the ‘in-hale’ punch vapers have been seeking. Product sold exclusively in Brighton from 17th November The new generation of e-cigarette, blu MAX™ boasts Responsive Draw™ technology that gives users complete control over their in-hale. The innovation has been created to provide smokers and vapers with an experience closer to smoking a cigarette than ever before, without the harmful tobacco or tar substances.

Responsive Draw™ is unlike any other technology in the e-cigarette market; responding to the strength of the in-hale, users can take in as much or as little vapour as they like, depending on their needs and mood. The sleek new e-cigarette also imitates the visual sensations of traditional drawing with its intelligent light system that illuminates with the intensity of the draw.    “blu MAX is different from other vaping products due to its ‘Mass Air Flow’ technology making it the first electronic cigarette that adapts to the user’s draw.

In other words, vaping blu MAX is more enjoyable, since this is the first e-cigarette that responds to the intensity of your draw.” Titus Wouda Kuipers, CEO Fontem Ventures.    blu MAX™ will be available on sale from the 17th November, exclusively in Brighton stores.

About blu We’re just like you so we know what you want and need: simple, reliable, quality products that easily fit into your day-to-day routine. The road most travelled isn’t your style. You work hard to forge your own path, that’s what blu stands for: the individual. We know that you look forward to the time where you can let loose and just be yourself, so we make sure that when you arrive, you’re not disappointed.

Long before “Vaping” was a word in the Oxford dictionary, we were dreaming of a life without the negatives of ash or lingering odours. Our desire to explore alternatives, adventure without boundaries and our right to self-expression fuelled our drive to introduce our first innovation to the world. Since being founded in 2009, our customer’s personal experience remains at the heart of everything we do.

We constantly push ourselves to take a great product and make it better by paying attention to consumer feedback. We’re proud to be the pioneers of our category and work hard to exceed expectations every time. Like all great brands, we don’t ride the waves of culture, we make them.