Blue Safari Seychelles, is a journey like no other

Blue Safari Seychelles, is a journey like no other

As borders across the globe are starting to re-open, people are shunning commercialized hotels, resorts and destinations and seeking remote, privately owned, unique properties in unspoiled locations. Blue Safari Seychelles, is a journey like no other, enabling the most remote and pristine outer islands of the Seychelles to be explored…Blue Safari Seychelles, not only protects and conserves the ecosystems of these captivating islands and atolls, it has revolutionised experiential travel.

The islands and atolls in the Blue Safari Seychelles portfolio, which includes the Alphonse Group of Islands (Alphonse Island, Bijoutier and St Francois), Cosmoledo Atoll and Astove Atoll are as individual as the experiences which can be found on each one. The islands and atolls all have distinctive places to stay. Located 1 030 km (560 nautical miles) southwest of Mahé, Cosmoledo Atoll is situated a stone’s throw away from the world heritage site of Aldabra. Cosmoledo Atoll is truly a nature lover’s paradise of incomprehensible proportions. Cosmoledo Eco Camp comprises of just eight sympathetically restored shipping containers which adhere to the ecological ethos of Blue Safari Seychelles, these have been repurposed and intelligently redesigned to form exceptional accommodation for guests visiting one of the most remote and untouched atolls in the Seychelles.

Each of the eight Eco Pods has been beautifully designed to minimise environmental impact while maximising guest comfort. Interiors use local woods and a palette of soft neutrals to ensure each pod blends in seamlessly with the sand, surrounding palm trees and dune shrubs. A fully retractable front wall means guests can look right out onto the ocean from every aspect and enjoy sea breezes – although air-conditioning is available – and the covered terrace makes a blissful spot to share a drink and watch the spectacular sunset.

At Astove, divers can follow in the footsteps of the famed marine biologist Jacques Cousteau whose acclaimed underwater documentary, ‘The Silent World’ along the edge of the ‘Wall’ was filmed on Astove atoll in 1956. ‘The Wall’ is breathtakingly beautiful and is often described as looking down into the aquatic version of the Grand Canyon. A dramatic vertical drop, progressing from ankle-deep water to over 1000 metres in a very short distance, ‘The Wall’ is known as one of the best dive sites on this planet. The Astove Coral Lodge is the only accommodation available on the atoll and it has six bedrooms, a shared lounge and dining area, and is situated around a garden and is comfortable and relaxing.

Alphonse Island is pristine and pure. There are 22 Beach Bungalows and the five Beach Suites, each with its own plunge pool. New for 2020 are two, new four-bedroomed villas. Perfect for families and larger groups, both four-bedroom Beach Villas offer space and refined interiors to make any holiday perfection itself. Each Beach Villa sleeps up to eight adults and four children. There is no cookie-cutter feeling here, a refreshing change as each island and atoll keeps a sense of place and originality. All accommodations are created to ensure a tranquil and restful atmosphere. They are luxurious, but not in the gold taps and velvet curtains type of opulence. The luxury lies in the privilege, the opportunity to traverse the pristine areas with a group of dedicated and passionate marine biologists, environmentalists and crew, who cannot do enough to feed your mind and make your soul soar.

Guests of Blue Safari Seychelles can experience the fascinating marine environment on a first-hand basis as they swim in the crystal-clear waters of the Indian Ocean and encounter shoals of assorted, vibrantly coloured fish of varying species: green and hawksbill turtles, spinner dolphins and humpback whales, all in their natural environment. Swimming with sailfish and manta rays is an unforgettable experience like no other. An encounter with these animals in their own habitat is an incredible and unforgettable experience, whether seen from a boat, from the shore or in the Indian Ocean itself. Be amazed as they flash through the crystal waters and witness these craniate animals in their own environment. These unique experiences with an extensive array of marine life make Blue Safari Seychelles nothing short of spectacular.

The plethora of activities are not only endless but are also sustainable, with little or no impact on the environment itself. This is wholly in keeping with Blue Safari Seychelles’ philosophy and ethos which is to protect and conserve the ecosystems of these captivating islands and atolls. With regular activities such as tree planting, beach clean-ups as well as educational and informative talks given by the dedicated Blue Safari Seychelles’ marine biologists, conservationists and environmentalists, you can see why they are so passionate and go to great lengths to teach guests to understand the importance of preserving these pristine islands and atolls.

Blue Safari Seychelles is perfect for adventurous families, honeymooners looking something a little bit different to your average fly and flop honeymoon, active travellers, couples, nature lovers and those who seek to voyage into a diverse range of eco-systems and explore various landscapes and a mesmerizing array of aquatic life. Blue Safari Seychelles is a sanctuary for the senses, a discovery for the mind, food for the soul.  It is a place where guests are at one with the environment, where peace and tranquillity reign.