Blue Safari Seychelles Joins The Ocean Project Seychelles

Blue Safari Seychelles Joins The Ocean Project Seychelles

American politician Bill Richardson once said: “We cannot accomplish all that we need to do without working together.” Blue Safari Seychelles ( is delighted to announce that it has joined The Ocean Project Seychelles’ Last Straw campaign.

Launched in July 2018, The Last Straw Seychelles is a campaign to eliminate the use of plastic straws in Seychelles. Its objective is to accomplish this by educating individuals to stop using plastic straws and to discourage venues from supplying them. Blue Safari Seychelles is wholly dedicated to the protection of both the land and marine environments, and in 2017 it abolished plastic straws and sourced fully biodegradable straws for use in all its islands and atolls.

“If each and every hotel, resort, bar and restaurant in the Seychelles joined The Ocean Project Seychelles’ Last Straw Campaign, we could make a significant impact in protecting the aquatic ecosystems that surround these extraordinarily beautiful islands. Joining the Ocean Project Seychelles’ Last Straw Campaign demonstrates Blue Safari Seychelles’ ongoing and continued commitment to safeguarding the marine environment,” states Keith Rose-Innes, Managing Director of Blue Safari Seychelles.

Blue Safari Seychelles comprises the islands and atolls of Astove, Cosmoledo, Poivre, Alphonse and the Amirantes. Blue Safari Seychelles has a strong environmental ethos, and the company has been designed to help conserve these rare islands and atolls through sensitively designed tourism projects. The company and its staff are committed to a wide range of projects, including the restoration of the islands’ natural vegetation, protection of Aldabra Giant Tortoises, monitoring of coral reefs, carefully controlled sustainable fishing practices, and monitoring and identification of birds, mammals and fish populations.

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