Brighton business offers relaxation therapy to nurses in UK’s most stressed-out city

Brighton business offers relaxation therapy to nurses in UK’s most stressed-out city

As Brighton is named the most stressful place to live in the UK, The Float Spa is giving away £7,000 worth of relaxing floatation therapy to the city’s local nurses.

New research used wellbeing data from the Office of National Statistics and found Brighton to be the number one most stressful place to live in Britain.

To alleviate this for some of the city’s most important and stressed workers, the Float Spa is offering every nurse in the High Dependency and A&E units at The Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital a free floatation therapy session. The offer is part of a wider Float Spa wellbeing campaign, designed to de-stress Britain’s most frazzled city.

Camille Pierson, founder and managing director of The Float Spa, said: “Having experienced the effects of stress after being diagnosed with PTSD myself four years ago, and studying its causes and remedies, I made it my mission to educate others and provide a service of deep relaxation for a city I’m proud to be part of.

“Brighton’s character is defined by the people it attracts and nurtures: a unique blend of artists, academics, makers, and free-thinkers. Stress is one of the biggest threats to a person’s creativity, mental health and general wellbeing. I believe it is everyone’s responsibility to look after and nurture each other just as it is to nurture our community.”

Jill Forrester, children’s emergency department manager at the Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital, said: “NHS staff consistently put 110% in to their job. Their dedication and hard work can mean that staff feel the effects of stress more frequently than not and find it hard to relax during their time off.

“As a manager, I would encourage staff to actively seek out ways to reduce their levels of stress whilst they are on their days off. The opportunity for our staff to spend time relaxing in a floatation room to distress is wonderful and really makes us feel that someone cares for our wellbeing.”

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