Brighton Estate Agent Offers ‘Blind Date’ Valentine Viewings

Brighton Estate Agent Offers ‘Blind Date’ Valentine Viewings

Doing things differently is something of a marketing cliché for estate agents although Brighton’s Maslen Estate Agents really do take it to heart.

You only have to go 24 hours without your phone or other internet access to realise how going online plays such a big part in our daily lives. Whether you want to find a new home or a new romance it’s likely that you’ll be using an app or website to help in your search.

When the team at Maslen Estate Agents realised how much they have in common with dating apps – both help to find the perfect match between two parties using carefully chosen photographs and well crafted words -t hey decided to offer ‘Blind Date Property Viewings’ from each of their three award winning offices in the city for Valentine’s Day this year.

Buyers who register their interest with Maslen Estate Agents between now and Valentine’s Day will tell the agents everything they’re looking for in their new dream home. They’re so confident in their property matchmaking ability that they’ll then be able to arrange a ‘blind date viewing’.

This means you won’t see any details of the property beforehand and at an agreed time will meet at one of Maslen’s three offices in Brighton and Woodingdean and then be taken to the surprise property.

It’ll be a bit like having the chance to be the star of your own ‘real life’ TV property finding show!

If you’d like to add a bit of fun to your property search and at the same time take advantage of Maslen’s award-winning services, find out how to get involved in this unique offer on their website