Brighton Fringe: Faulty Towers – The Dining Experience, Thistle Hotel, King’s Road, until Sunday, May 31

First published Wednesday 27 May 2015 in The Argus

The night starts normally enough, sitting in the Thistle Hotel bar with a drink and some complimentary peanuts.

But that all quickly changes when a convincing Basil Fawlty walks in and starts trying to organise where we should all be seated.

Enter Manuel, closely followed by an ever interfering Sybil and you have the recipe for a chaos-filled evening.

Once cleverly and chaotically ushered into the dining area the real mayhem begins, with Basil haplessly trying to make sure everyone is being looked after while unsuccessfully ensuring that Manuel isn’t manhandling guests or smashing crockery.

The performances of the three actors are brilliant. Each character brings their own comedy ingredients to the table to the diners’ delight, especially when Basil starts mentioning the war.

A timeless classic comedy that never grows old, with great jokes successfully being re-enacted with great detail, all topped off by good quality food. But you need to eat fast, Manuel has just been asked to collect the plates…

Five stars