Brighton Fringe solo show, ‘Clean At 17’ Directed by Ursula Martinez

Brighton Fringe solo show, ‘Clean At 17’ Directed by Ursula Martinez

We are all familiar with rehabilitated celebrities cleaning up their act but what does two and a half decades of sobriety look like when you are not in the limelight? Katie bares all on her mis-adventures of living without alcohol and drugs.

This is Katie’s story of navigating through her adult life as an addict, an artist and a performer with the assumptions and segregation that arises from being an addict, both clean and using. Over the last 24 years Katie has been on a journey to liberate herself from being pathologized, whilst also living the secret life of someone who stopped drinking before it was legal to start doing so. In Clean At 17, Katie reveals her thoughts and lived experience of having existed in both worlds of addiction: the before and the after. Is she even still an addict after 24 years?

“…By far the most interactive experience of the evening, O’Brien’s reign of the stage is commanding in its ability to continually elicit laughter and empathy from a receptive crowd.” A Younger Theatre

“When performance is at its best it becomes less about the subject matter and more about the experience of being enthralled. Katie O’Brien takes the hugely complicated subject of addiction, makes it personal and delivers it with sharp wit, devastating self-deprecation and comic brilliance.” Garry Cook (Dir. Lancaster Fringe 2019)

Venue: Wagner Hall

Dates: Thu 26th Fri 27th Sat 28th

Time: 8pm

Tickets: £8 – £10
Conceived, written and performed by Katie Bridget O’Brien

Produced by Eleanor Barr

Directed by Ursula Martinez

Dramaturgical Support: Kim Noble and Joey Robinson

Production Manager and Lighting Design: Meg Hodgson

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