Brighton Gets Moving with ‘Choose to Move’ 

Brighton Gets Moving with ‘Choose to Move’

Brighton charity The Crew Club launched  ‘Choose To Move’last year; an exciting new project which offers walks and runs around East Brighton throughout the year, with qualified leaders organising free inclusive walks and runs for all ages and abilities.

On Jan 25th one of the regular walks was attended by local BBC Radio Sussex presenter Allison Ferns, who took part in one of the 1K walks around the lovely Whitehawk countryside alongside over 20 local residents.

Allison told us “I loved taking part in the Choose to Move walk as there’s no doubt that a bit of exercise certainly makes you feel better. I soon realised that the Crew Club walks are more than just that though; they are an opportunity to meet others and in fact I was chatting so much I didn’t even notice how far I’d walked! ”

As part of this initiative, a ‘1 million steps’ programme was set up on January 1st for a month, and already it’s been a huge success. The aim was to hit a target of 1 million steps by the end of January, with participants sharing their daily step counts. Just 2 weeks into the project the target was smashed and already stands at 1.9 million steps!

The project aims to help improve our physical and mental wellbeing and is also a great way to meet and connect with other people. One of the participants recently moved to the area with her young children and felt quite isolated without family and friends, but joining the Choose to Move group has transformed her life as she now has friends and is part of a really supportive group.

If you’d like to find some inspiration in 2022 by taking part in a range of 1 – 5K routes just get in touch with The Crew Club and get moving.

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