Brighton Girl Problems

Brighton Girl Problems

Blogger ‘BGP’ has reached 65,000 followers on social network sites. Her blogs include beauty, fashion, love, sex and relationship advice. Regularly uploading new blogs and replying to questions from her followers she has gained a great following, in which is still increasing. To present, she has kept anonymous to who she is. We don’t know her name and what she looks like.
Although this is a mystery, I am privileged to interview the woman behind BGP exclusively for Absolute Magazine.

Explain what Brighton girl problems is?

Brighton Girl Problems is a character I created after being out and about in Brighton and taking inspiration from different women and girls I saw and knew, and also a few bits of myself!
What was your vision behind creating BGP?

I never really had a vision to begin with, I just created a funny Twitter page and tweeted jokey, tongue in cheek things that suddenly became really popular. I then started my blog to have a platform to write more than 140 characters. However over the past year, when things suddenly took off for my blog, I began to have much more of a vision as the blog slowly became my career.

Did you expect the amount of followers you have gained since your first blog?

Not in the slightest – I barely expected 10 followers, let alone the 65,000 I currently have. It’s crazy and also extremely flattering to think that amount of people care enough to follow you and read what you have to say.
Why do you think it is important to blog about general problems girls face?

I think it’s important when you have a large following, to be a voice for people. Yes, I love to write about makeup and skincare, but I also think it’s important I tackle issues such as body image and mental health. I have struggled with my mental health for quite a while, and felt very much alone and like no one in the world knew what I was going through. I want the women who follow me, and the small amount of men who do, to realise they’re not alone in any of the struggles they are going through, and that its just a bad day and not a bad life.

What is next for BGP?

I’m working hard on my blog and redesigning it. I’m hoping to write a book in the near future, as that’s always been my biggest dream and ambition.

Is there a reason to why ‘Brighton girl Problems’ has stayed anonymous? Will we ever see the face to the blogger? (By the way I love mystery about this.)

I started the Twitter account as an anonymous account simply because I was tweeting jokey things that I thought people would appreciate more as an anonymous character. I never predicted the snowballing events that would happen from it, with me launching a career from my blog and building up the following I currently have. The anonymity has stuck purely because that’s what it originally was. I will be going public, maybe this year, because I really do want to be able to do certain things that you’re limited to when you’re anonymous!
Do you think there should be a male version of your blog?

I think that if someone wants to launch a Brighton Boy Problems, they’re more than welcome to, but my blog really is open to anyone. Maybe the men who follow me won’t be really excited to hear about the latest trends or newest eyeshadow palette, or maybe they will, but my blog covers a range of topics that also affect men, like mental health, which I hope also helps them!

Is there any exclusive news you can tell Absolute Magazine about any upcoming projects?
I’m planning to hopefully visit New York soon to create a blog series whilst I’m out there, and get a brand new blog design and start working on my book!

Mathew Parr