Too Good To Go

“Too Good To Go” – New App Launches To Fight Food Waste Around The City

‘Too Good To Go’, a new app dedicated to cutting the amount of food waste from restaurants, and in doing so, helping us use our planets resources more consciously.

This new app which launches Wednesday 1st and Thursday 2nd June is free on iOS and Android phones. It will allow restaurants, cafés and anywhere that prepares food to minimize their waste and create a profit in the process. The app TGTG will help make the connection with customers, who can purchase a portion of food for as little as just £2 from any establishments who have signed up.

TGTG is not only dedicated to cutting down waste for the sake of the environment, the team will be introducing a “Pay-It-Forward” scheme through which users of the app can donate meals to the less fortunate. This will also launch on 1st and 2nd of June.

Karl James, Head of Moshimo Sushi restaurant was one of the very first to want to take part, in which he said: “As a city we pride ourselves on being waste conscious, and this is a fantastic way for the hospitality industry to tackle food waste, extend our service to those in need, and offer customers a tasty meal. As the figures show, restaurants need to do more to contribute to sustainability and this is an easy way to do it at no cost to our business and at great value to those who benefit from the service.”

Harry Hoblyn, who is in charge of the Brighton launch of TGTG has shared with us what was behind the concept.

“I’ve always been passionate about sustainability and the need to use our planet’s resources more conscientiously . Having worked in the hospitality industry and witnessed the large quantities of food that needlessly get thrown away each day by restaurants, I often thought about solutions to this problem. TGTG allows restaurants to sell their surplus food and see it consumed, rather than thrown away. When I heard about TGTG I was eager to help launch it here in Brighton, which is such an environmentally-conscious and food loving city.”

“Our goal is to stop food from going to landfill, increase awareness around food waste issues, and collaborate with likeminded organisations who want to ensure that food is not taken for granted. By tackling food waste we hope to become a part of the already thriving food waste movement that is working towards a zero waste future. Food is our most valuable energy source and it deserves to be given that recognition.”

-Harry Hoblyn, Brigton TGTG guru.

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