Brighton Toy and Model Museum in Brighton to open its doors to children and parents for Engineering Open House Day

Brighton Toy and Model Museum in Brighton to open its doors to children and parents for Engineering Open House Day

Brighton Toy and Model Museum in Brighton is inviting young people and parents to its Engineering Open House Day event on Friday 26th July 2019
Engineering Open House Day is organised by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) and sees 27 companies and organisations open their doors to showcase inspiring careers in engineering and technology
Incentivised by a growing need for people with engineering skills, recent research showed over half (63%) of parents from Brighton felt they would struggle to guide their children to gain more experience in relevant fields
Children and parents are invited to visit Brighton Toy and Model Museum in Brighton, on Friday 26th July 2019 for Engineering Open House Day. Organised by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), this special event allows visitors to experience the world of engineering and technology first-hand and to get an insight into the reality of the exciting careers on offer in this field.

In good news for the future of engineering, new research by the IET shows nearly a quarter (24%) of parents across the UK say their children have expressed an interest in engineering as a career. Despite this, almost a third (31%) of mums and dads feel they would struggle to describe what an engineer actually does.

18% of children from Brighton have expressed an interest in a career in engineering, while over half (63%) of parents say they would struggle to help them gain more experience in the field, 9% higher than the national average.

To help parents better guide their children, the IET has run Engineering Open House Day events across the UK for the last five years. Held in partnership with a variety of companies to demonstrate the plethora of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) careers available, these events offer further insight to parents and children regarding how to progress into a career in engineering.

It is well documented that the UK faces a nationwide skills shortage. 203,000 people with engineering skills will be required each year to meet demand through to 2024, but it’s estimated that there will be an annual shortfall of 59,000 engineering and technicians to fill these roles.

By highlighting the important role that engineers play in everyday life, and the creativity and diversity of work in this sector, Engineering Open House Day connects directly with children to inspire and motivate them towards exploring careers in engineering and technology. It also equips and encourages parents to support their kids in nurturing their curiosity.

The survey, of over 2,000 parents of school aged children, found that in contrast to engineering, parents felt very comfortable with describing what a doctor (94%), teacher (94%) and even a Reality TV Star (81%) does as a profession.

However, a large number of parents (69%) felt that experiencing what happens behind the scenes of an organisation would help them encourage their children to take up a role in an engineering or technology profession.

Engineering Open House Day 2019 will see 27 companies open their doors to visitors at 56 different locations across the UK aiming to engage families. Brighton Toy and Model Museum is one of 29 participating venues across the UK. The event will include a behind the scenes theatre tour and close up look at the stage technology and engineering.

Through its Engineering Open House Day, the IET seeks to inspire a new generation of engineering and technology enthusiasts. The day forms part of a wider campaign, Engineer a Better World, which aims to support parents and young people in finding out more about modern engineering.

“We are delighted to now be in the fifth year of Engineering Open House Day. Our research shows that engineering is an increasingly popular career aspiration for children, with a quarter (25%) of children saying they would be interested, a 3% rise since 2017. That said, this research demonstrates that there is still a long way to go in terms of parents feeling confident enough to guide their youngsters in the right direction,” said David Lakin, IET Head of Education.

“Engineering Open House Day provides an excellent springboard for children and parents alike to get to grips with the sheer scope of exciting careers encompassed in the field of engineering, and how to get there, first hand from some of the most innovative brands in the UK.” The event at Brighton Toy and Model Museum will take place from 2pm on Friday 26th July 2019.

Spaces are limited and booking is essential. To attend, please telephone 01273 749494 to reserve your place.

For more information and to view the full list of events taking place on the 26th July 2019, please visit here.