Brighton’s BeFries invites diners to BeSaucy with crowdfunding campaign as they aim to become country’s biggest supplier of vegan sauces

Brighton’s BeFries invites diners to BeSaucy with crowdfunding campaign as they aim to become country’s biggest supplier of vegan sauces

Image caption: BeFries co-founders Dashal, Chan and Ezda Beevers are seeking to raise £30,000 to deliver their award-winning sauces to a wider audience under new BeSaucy branding.

As they approach their third year since launching in Brighton in 2016, multi award-winning family-run chip shop BeFriesare taking the next step in their business and launching their range of delicious sauces to a national audience — but they need Brighton’s help to get there.

BeFries’ 30-day crowdfunding campaign launched on Monday, with a target of £30,000 to fund a new kitchen and manufacturing equipment to upscale their production capabilities for the debut of their sister sauce company, BeSaucy.

BeFries already sell a handful of their much-loved sauces — which include vegan black truffle, vegan garlic and dill and gherkin mayonnaise — in their shop on West Street, allowing customers to take their favourite condiments home with them.

But a number of successful food market and industry event appearances over the last year has seen the sauces’ popularity surge, with Brighton’s independent supermarket HiSBe now stocking the whole range, and the UK’s largest fully-certified organic supermarkets Planet Organic set to stock their vegan sauces later this year.

As demand for the sauces increases, the independent Belgian chip shop needs more space and equipment to fulfil demand from both retailers and customers alike.

BeFries’ best-selling Vegan Basil Mayo won two stars at last year’s Great Taste Awards, making it their highest awarded mayonnaise of 2018, bringing the brand more widespread attention.

BeFries co-founder Dashal Beevers said: “We’ve been blown away by the support we’ve received from the community since we launched in 2016.

“The popularity of our sauces has gone through the roof, and we’re now looking to become the country’s biggest producer of artisan sauces, especially our vegan range.

“It’s a really exciting time for us, but as BeFries grows, we need a big push to get to the next level. Our customers have always been a huge part of what we do, and we hope they’ll join us as we take the next step on our journey and launch BeSaucy.”

To incentivise donors and reward customers for their ongoing support, the Belgian fries brand will be releasing additional jarred versions of some of their diners’ favourite sauces, and will create new flavours exclusively available to the backers of the crowdfunding campaign.

There will also be a number of exciting experiences and prizes available for supporters, including private dining events, one-off merchandise, lock-ins, and many more.

These special rewards will be gradually released across the course of the 30-day Kickstarter campaign, which will also take independent donations until 11.59pm on Wednesday 7th August 2019 – two days after the outlet’s third birthday.

A promotional video for the campaign sees the BeFries team up to their usual hijinks and recreating the iconic lineup scene from the 1995 film The Usual Suspects(or The Usual SaucePots!).

To support BeFries on their latest venture, visit the Kickstarter campaign here.