Brighton’s Italian Treasure

Sardinian born Pietro Addis opened Donatello in 1991 and it was a success from the beginning.

Proving its policy of offering affordable meals using top quality ingredients and cooking everything in-house was right, so much so, this continues unchanged today.

He launched the “new concept” of 2-course and 3-course set menus in Brighton, which most restaurants now offer today and battled the Council to allow outside eating and drinking, which has proven to be a major asset to restaurants and the city as a whole, during the warmer days and months.

Donatello is undoubtedly a real Brighton treasure and has grown from the original 100-seater restaurant to over 300 by acquiring several buildings around it. It is a 24-hour operation with cleaners and chefs working throughout the night to be ready for the next day.

Now his three sons run the business, employing around 100 staff, and having worked in the restaurants since teenagers continue the family-run tradition. They strongly believe that supporting the community is an integral part of the business and are proud to support Brighton Pride.