Brightons Jess Eaton Makeup is a powerful tool

“Makeup is a powerful tool and not to be underestimated!”

As women, we all know that makeup can give us confidence and adds a spring to our step. But with busy lives and an overwhelming amount of trends (contouring, big brows and full lips to name just a few), it can be hard to get it right and find a easy to perfect look that enhances our natural beauty.

One Brighton businesswoman who understands the power that makeup possesses and its confidence-boosting importance is fifty year old Jess Eaton, founder of Jessica Courtney – a professional semi-permanent makeup company, with an artistic difference.

Jess has had an extensive career working in the makeup world, spanning over twenty years. Starting in the late 80’s, Jess became one of the most sought after celebrity makeup artists in the world and worked with iconic stars on music videos and magazine shoots.

Whilst she stopped jet-setting and returned to Brighton in 2007, after her son was born (“bringing him up around love, tolerance and creativity were more important than jetting about with the rich and famous,” Jess explains), the creative work still continued – working with Liz Bishop, founder of Brighton Fashion Week on a ‘Trashion’ Show at the Corn Exchange and setting up the notorious EatonNott on Preston Road. The combined store and tattoo studio welcomed people to bring in naturally deceased animals and saw Jess unveil her first fashion collection – Roadkill Couture, which was donned by Lady Gaga and Kate Moss.

Last year, after a battle with depression and wanting to return to her happy makeup artistry roots, Jess retrained in cosmetic tattooing and now runs her semi-permanent makeup company from the beautiful surroundings of Toni&Guy in East Street. Here, as well as offering cosmetic tattooing, she also offers makeup therapy (helping clients find and define their look) and makeup lessons.

“I specialise in making ordinary people look REALLY good,” the professional makeup artist laughs. “When I was working in the music industry, I’d find that a lot of singers weren’t necessarily beautiful but they have to compete with tough competition. I was really good at my job and I use my talent for ‘normal’ women now instead. I love it and it’s so much more rewarding as it can change people’s lives.”

It’s her recent semi-permanent work (which sees Jess tattoo eyebrows, eyeliner and lips onto clients for a natural, yet fuller look), which she says is just as a career highlight as “meeting Tina Turner… seeing Lady Gaga in Roadkill Couture and also Kate Moss been in Roadkill pieces in LOVE magazine.”

“The life-changing experiences of giving someone beautiful brows after their chemo treatment or teaching someone how to feel feminine again after she’s had a double mastectomy. That’s big.” Jess says.

It is how makeup makes us feel inside – and not only outwardly look – that Jess believes makes it enhance our lives in so many ways.

“There’s no doubt that the way we look can dramatically change how we feel about ourselves. Self-esteem can be restored and confidence returned. I see it all the time with my therapy sessions,” the fabulous-looking fifty year old adds.

“However, it also changes the ways others see us too which is just as interesting because if we look good, we are sending signals that we value ourselves and others will treat us differently. So taking the time to look good has a snowball effect from feeling good, standing taller, being more confident and assertive, to other people having more respect for us and doors opening that perhaps may have otherwise remained shut! It’s not just about being ‘pretty’, makeup is a powerful tool and not to be underestimated!”

Find Jessica Courtney at Toni&Guy, East Street, Brighton.

Facebook: jessicacourtneymua

Instagram: jessicacourtneyspmu

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