Brighton’s Jewellery Consultation Suite

When was Exclusive Jewellery founded and why?

Exclusive Jewellery was founded in 2004 with the aim to deliver beautiful bespoke jewellery for newly engaged couples. I wanted to inject a new lease of life into the jewellery industry in Brighton, and deliver a friendly atmosphere that created precisely what the respective  client was looking for. I wanted a personal, modern approach with a real emphasis on quality, trust and aftercare.

How do you create your designs?

We use Computer Aided Design to create the majority of our pieces. Through years of practice and a bit of training, I have mastered the CAD program and am able to bring to life almost any design using it. This gives us freedom the freedom of jewellery designers and also allows our clients to make requests for bespoke pieces that would be too difficult, detailed or expensive to have a goldsmith create by hand. The process begins with the initial idea for the design which I then have to build on the computer. The software itself allows me to create curves and surfaces in a three-dimensional space and add intricate detailing that would take a goldsmith days to create so accurately. I am able to control exact proportions and render a photo-like image of the finished piece. The file is then sent to a casting company who build the image first in wax and then cast it in the desired metal, exactly how the design dictates. We then give this casting to our third generation, world class goldsmith who sets the stones into the piece and finishes it up perfectly by hand. As a result of this process, the pieces of jewellery that we craft are second to none, and are of an absolute superior quality.

How does the Brighton market alter your jewellery stock?

In a place such as Brighton, that is defined by its diverse style and air of eccentric individuality,  it is vital to have a large range of stock that would appeal to a varied market. It is also important, however, to not create too much confusion in the window. Seeing as our specific area of expertise lies in the creation on engagement, eternity and wedding rings, the bulk of our stock is centred around these types of pieces with a lot of different styles there within. In addition, seeing as Brighton is a pioneering city that aims to celebrates and supports the LGBT movement, we make sure we have a huge selection of beautiful wedding rings for men.

What has been your biggest achievement to date within the jewellery industry?

Having experienced a decline in business at my first location when the recession hit, it was a huge gamble to relocate 2 minutes up the road to try and generate business. However, the relocation was a bigger success than I ever could have imaged. In my first year at the new shop I had doubled my turnover, and I am now the only jeweller in Brighton to have a private consultation suite complete with a champagne bar.

In your opinion, where do you see the jewellery industry in the UK heading in the following years?

Through the evolution of programs such as CAD, I think that the jewellery industry is going to take a big collective step into the 21st century. Due to the recession, people are looking for real value for money whilst maintaining a need for a sense of ownership and uniqueness in their jewellery, especially with regards to important jewellery such as engagement and wedding rings.  CAD allows people to create bespoke pieces relative to the majority of budgets, so if people are not utilising this kind of power in the coming years I think it will be really hard for them to thrive in the retail jewellery industry.

Sam New - Director
Sam New – Director

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