Brighton's upcoming events

Brighton’s upcoming events

Spring is a busy time in Brighton, there’s a vast selection of great activities and events taking place, perfect for a family day out or sunny day time date. Take a look at our highlights list of Brighton’s upcoming events below.

Brighton Festival

The Brighton Festival celebrates its 50th Anniversary. Renowned artist, composer and poet Laurie Anderson stars this year as guest director. It is the largest multi-cultural arts festival in England and last from 7th-29th May.

Children’s Parade

The annual opening of Brighton Festival takes place with the children’s parade, children from more than 80 schools and community organisations will participate with carnival sculptures, bright colours and music. 7th May.

See Brighton Festival for more details.

The Brighton Marathon

The Brighton Marathon is one of the UK’s most popular marathon events.Just over a 26 ml length, each year the event grows in popularity, partially due to the sea back ground and the cities amazing architectural sites. The marathon takes place on 17th April at 9:15 am.

Brighton Fringe Festival

One of the largest fringe festivals in the world, the Brighton fringe show cases a wide variety of talent including dance, comedy, theatre  and more. From 6th May-5th June.

Artist Open House Festival

Over 200 artists open their homes and studio spaces to the public to show case their art work. Entry to artist houses and spaces is free to the public and an amazing opportunity for anyone interested in creative media. Festival dates from 30th April-30th May.