Bringing Luxurious Italian Haircare to Brighton: Absolute Meets G3 Omnia Mundi

Bringing Luxurious Italian Haircare to Brighton: Absolute Meets G3 Omnia Mundi

With a name translating to mean “pure”, Brighton-based professional haircare company G3 Omnia Mundi is passionate about bringing high quality, head-turning Italian-made cosmetics to British shores. From hair colouring to shampoos and intensive conditioning treatments, each product utilises the best natural ingredients and are free from sodium lauryl sulfate and added parabens.

We spoke to Edoardo Iodice, who was born into the prestigious G3 cosmetics family and has created G3 Omnia Mundi (whose products are available to buy online and in hairdressers) to hear about his passion for his products, his vision to make Brighton the next St Tropez and how he hopes to help the city’s homeless.

Hi Edoardo, how did you become involved with G3 cosmetics?
I’ve been part of the business since I was born as my uncle is the G3 manufacturer in Italy. I started G3 Omnia Mundi here in England together with my partner Silvia (Ciotau).

Previously I worked for G3 in Italy, but I left the family company as we had different ideas. However, there is still love for the industry and brand so I decided to bring my revolutionary ideas to create G3 Omnia Mundi.

Why did you decide to set up your own business in Brighton?

Initially Silvia and I came here just to learn the language. She went to work in the administrative management of the famous Brighton establishment Moshimo and I was hired as a waiter in the same restaurant. Karl Jones, who co-owns the restaurant, encouraged and supported me and I came up with the idea of opening the company in England. Karl has always helped me and I thank him. He is a real philanthropist.

Our English company is based in Brighton. Our cosmetics production has been in Italy for over 30 years. This is a boon to us because we try to get the best out of both countries. Italy has a qualitative level of production and raw materials unbeatable to any other country. England, in particular, Brighton, has a style and a freshness of thought and vision that is innovative and avant-garde. However, shortly we will launch products made in Brighton.

Brighton is like 1900s bohemian Paris. I think it might be a worthy heir to fashionable, chic tourism hotspots like St Tropez and Marbella. Brighton has all the potential.

How would you describe your haircare products?

In three words: luxury, beauty and unique (as hashtagged in our adverts and online). Our products are based on the senses. Our packaging inspires elegance and beauty, with baroque decorations inspired by Torino, the beautiful city from which we come from. Our scents are delicate and sublime. It’s hard not to fall in love with the scents in our ranges, they are inspired by nature. The touch is important too. When you put a few drops onto your palm, you understand the fullness and richness of the ingredients. Our shampoos are rich and do not require large amounts to do the work they were created for. This is very important as a quality definition.

You’re not only passionate about your products but Brighton too. How are you helping the city?

We are focusing on helping the homeless in Brighton. Our goal is to use 10% of our sales to enable us to provide hygiene to the homeless of Brighton, giving them shampoos and soaps, because as producers, this is something we can easily do. We would also like to offer showers too but the figure given by the council to do this is currently out of our budget. If we grow, it will be one of our goals. In addition to this, 10% of the whole team’s weekly time will be dedicated to serving the city by volunteering. We’ll go around in G3 black t-shirts to give a hand to the homeless.

The word luxury is important to you – but perhaps not by the stereotypical definition, can you tell us more about this?

For me, luxury does not mean rich, but it is the quality of life, the best ingredients, the best products. In fact, many times luxury, as I mean it, will save you money. For example, our products have the best selection of raw materials and ingredients, I believe, on the market. Competing companies who share the same quality of our products charge £60 for shampoos, where we charge £19.

The future must not be in poor products, but it must mean quality of life for everyone. I prefer to buy something that costs more but it lasts a lot longer. This is my goal, starting with the hairdressing and beauty industries.

Before you go, what’s next for G3 Omnia Mundi?

The next launch is an incredible professional product. Perfect for Brighton too! Our ECoEL Hair Coloring is not just an ammonia-free colouring, but also without paraphenylenediamine and resorcinol. We are the first company in the world to have discovered it, giving exceptional grey coverage. But the most beautiful thing is that the colours are to be mixed: in fact, we give eleven bases and eight shades, so hairdressers can create the desired perfect colour.

Of course, our professional colourings can only be purchased by hairdressers: we are opposed to DIY colouring.

See G3 Omnia Mundi at Salon International 2017, at ExCel London on 14th -16th October. Edoardo invites Absolute Magazine readers to join them – just email ( asking for an appointment and they will send complimentary tickets, subject to availability.

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