Brits Love Of Denim

Brits Love Of Denim

According to new research the UK’s love of denim is at an all-time high with a staggering 9.6 million Brits wearing jeans every day – equating to 321 million pairs owned across the country.

Seven out of ten Brits say they love wearing denim as part of their outfits on a regular basis. Research from COTTON USA found that, on average, each person in the UK today owns at least five pairs of jeans, with Brits favouring the denim staple as the ‘go-to’ garment to wear to work or out for dinner and look stylish.

The findings reveal jeans are the number one choice for 64% of both men and women when busy running errands, while 37% of men don denim when they want to look stylish. More than half of women in the UK say they choose jeans for comfort when spending time at home (54%), and almost the entire population of British men say that denim is essential during down time and relaxing at home (97%).

The majority of Brits (88%) believe that denim and high-quality fibres as cotton and cotton blends, are best suited to today’s fashion trends and styles, and 89% choose jeans that are entirely made from cotton.

Reasons why Brits say they prefer to buy jeans and other garments made from high quality materials, including cotton, include:
• understanding them to be authentic (82%)
• trustworthy (78%)
• comfortable (75%)
• reliable (72%)
• soft on the skin (68%)

This video showcases that, despite the changing trends, denim has remained consistent as a ‘go to’ wardrobe staple and is likely to stay that way for years to come.