Building For The Future

The Eco Technology Show is back in Brighton this month and we caught up with Commercial Director, Nicola Gunstone, to discuss the show’s importance

Words by Daniel White

This summer sees the return of The Eco Technology Show to the Brighton Centre after firmly establishing itself as the UK’s premier event for showcasing the benefits of technology innovations and low carbon solutions to communities, businesses and cities.

Now in its third year, the show is continually building its reputation and Commercial Director, Nicola Gunstone, has seen how the style and size of companies attending has altered since its inception.

“Eco tech is no longer on the margin; it is mainstream business now,” she explains. “Anyone with an interest in energy management, build, water, waste, transport, technology and resource efficiency will find attending the show an interesting and worthwhile investment of their time.

“Similarly, anyone with an interest in treading a bit more lightly on the globe or just reducing their utility bills will find a visit to this completely free event worthwhile. Every visitor will come away armed with fresh ideas on how to install and use the latest energy saving technology and make the best use of the government incentives that are available.”

This year the show includes top speaker for over 60 seminars as well as 140 exhibitors and Nicola is keen for it to continue its growth.

She says: “This year’s show is going to be bigger and better than ever before with an impressive line-up of expert speakers and an exhibition of exciting exhibitors showcasing the latest products, some of which have never been seen before.

“Greg Barker MP has recognised the growing importance of the show and will visit Brighton to give the keynote speech. Not surprisingly the show will provide a platform for a big debate on our energy future, including the implications of fracking, nuclear and renewable energy and this will be led by Brighton Pavilion MP Caroline Lucas.”

The latest in low-emission and electric vehicles will also be on display along with many more of the latest technological developments and it is a chance for businesses to save money in areas they realised possible.

“The main advantage for a business in embracing eco technology is the cost savings that the technology will bring,” confesses Nicola. “Electricity and gas prices are going to stay high on any business’ agenda, heating and sometimes cooling of premises is a fundamental requirement for all buildings with offices and workers, not to mention the energy used in industrial processes.

“However, many are not yet taking a long term strategic view and installing renewable energy solutions to tap into reliable, high performance and low cost energy solutions.”

The Eco Tech Show runs from June 26-27th at the Brighton Centre and registration is free so visit to register or to find out more.