Buying a new car? Here are the cheapest ones to insure

Buying a new car? Here are the cheapest ones to insure

All cars made for the UK market belong to one of 50 insurance groups. The lower the group number, the cheaper the premium. So, if you’re after cheap insurance quotes, here are the top eight cars in insurance groups one and two that can help you do just that.

1.   Volkswagen Polo
A popular and reliable car, the VW Polo is a great value choice for anyone that wants a decently sized small car. Boot space is more than adequate and it looks and feels more expensive than it is.

Smooth to drive, agile and comfortable, it’s no wonder the VW Polo is a perennial favourite.

2.   Volkswagen Up!
The second VW on the list, the VW Up! is ideal for urban drivers who want something neat and nippy. As you’d expect from a VW, it’s a quality car and considered one of the leaders within the city car category.

The only downside is that the small 1.0L engine feels it, and while it’s capable of the occasional motorway trip, it’s far happier in towns and cities.

3.   Skoda Fabia
Another solid all rounder, the Fabia is a well put together car that represents excellent value for money. It’s also incredibly reliable according to driver surveys, putting it above the likes of some Honda, VW and Nissan models.

The Fabia is a big little car and front space and boot space in particular are noted for their roominess. Rear passenger space is more than adequate for two adults but could be a squeeze for three.

4.   Nissan Micra
Small and light to handle, this is best suited to town and city driving. However, not the best for back seat passengers and not a lot of boot space either. Nevertheless, the Micra is another firm favourite as it represents excellent value for money when it comes to purchase price, maintenance, and of course, car insurance.

5.   Kia Picanto
Like all Kia cars the Picanto comes with a seven year warranty which is hugely reassuring if you decide to buy brand new. As you’d expect from a car with such a long warranty, it’s got a reputation for reliability and scores well in driver satisfaction surveys.

In test drive reviews, the Picanto handles well and reviewers particularly note its tight turning circle which makes it ideal for city driving.

6.   Dacia Logan MCV
The MCV stands for maximum capacity vehicle which sums up the Logan’s point of difference — it’s the only estate car on the list. So, if you need space on a tight budget, the Logan is one to consider.

However, as ever, there are trade offs so while there’s enough boot space for an average family, features like air conditioning are a luxury extra.

7.   Ford Fiesta
The Fiesta is the original supermini and is an enduringly popular car. Cost effective and fun enough for young drivers, it’s available in a wide range of trims and specs.

However, its broad appeal and sheer depth of choice means you can find Fiestas in group two all the way up to group 17 and even beyond. With that in mind, check how the Fiesta you like the look of stacks up in terms of insurance cost.

8.   SEAT Ibiza
Like the Fiesta, the SEAT Ibiza has a reputation for being a fun to drive and good looking supermini. The car itself is a great all-rounder, responsive, handles well and is comfortable to drive.

Available as a five-door, it’s also a practical choice if you need access to back seats regularly. There’s also lots of space for passengers and boot capacity is one of the largest in its class.

Which is the right car for me?
The only way to find out whether a car is right for you, is to take it out for a test drive and see for yourself. If you’re buying from a private seller, don’t forget to sort out temporary car insurance which you’ll need before you take it for a spin around the block. Dealerships will already have their own insurance but you’ll be asked for your licence so don’t forget to bring it along.

When you’ve made your mind up, make sure you shop around at comparison sites like, where you can search car insurance deals from leading UK insurers.