Buying Pre-Loved Cars: The Pros

Buying Pre-Loved Cars: The Pros

Need a new car? Does it really have to be new? While there is something satisfying about being able to buy a brand-new car, fresh off the lot with no miles on the odometer – not to mention that evocative ‘new car’ smell – there are a number of benefits to buying a second-hand or pre-loved car. Let’s take a look at some of these pros.

So Many Savings

There are so many money savings to be gained from buying a pre-loved car that this sub-header should be divided into four!

Purchase price: Even if the second-hand car you choose is nearly new – just a few months old, say – you will pay considerably less than you would have if you were buying that same vehicle brand-new. Even if the car is in immaculate, hardly used condition!
Taxes: Sales tax is tied to the purchase price, and often, road tax is too. Having a lower purchase price automatically means that you will pay less in taxes.
Insurances: Insurances are often based on a mixture of purchase price and book value. And any car immediately loses about ten percent of its book value by simply being driven off the lot. So if you got the car for a wonderfully low price and it is demonstrably an older model (even if only by half a year) you can score a pleasant reduction on your interest.
Parts: New cars, being so new, often rarely need new parts. This can mean expensive and time-consuming waits while the right part is sourced and ordered for you. On the other hand, older cars will be in the sweet spot when it comes to demand for spares and replacement parts, and many large garages will have them on hand or able to be delivered very quickly indeed from another branch nearby, for a very reasonable price.
Better for Environment

Added to the monetary savings above, you can drive your pre-loved car knowing that you are doing your bit for the environment. New cars come with an enormous environmental footprint: they are made from metals mined from the earth using quite destructive processes, they are purified, smelted and shaped with the help of chemicals which can leach into the earth, and even painting new cars throws millions of small paint particles into the atmosphere. Once a car has been made, however, it begins to ‘claw back’ that impact, and the longer your car lasts in good condition, the smaller its footprint will gradually become.

Warranties Included

Many used car dealers offer similar guarantees and warranties as are offered with new cars. This gives you peace of mind, and reassures you that the vehicle has been subject to rigorous testing before it has been put out for sale. Same great after sales service, for a fraction of the price.

So, if you feel inclined towards buying a second hand car then get yourself a good steal on used cars from KAP Dealership Brighton. We guarantee you will not regret it.