Can Brighton Palace Pier Keep Up With the Latest Tech?

As far as seaside towns go, there are only a few names that really resonate when you mention their pier. While Blackpool may have the heritage, the Brighton Palace Pier has long been famous for how it has managed to blend centuries of tradition while also keeping on top of the latest kinds of games and entertainment.

Now, however, technology in entertainment is progressing so quickly now and in so many different ways that there is a question as to whether the pier is able to keep up with the pace.

A History of Innovation
Brighton Palace has always been ready to work with new trends and new technology, although it has always taken a balanced approach. It lays claim to being the first arcade to have the Guitar Hero machine in the UK, but alongside it are the 2p classic games that have been a mainstay of the seaside for the better part of a century. Immersive gaming booths stand alongside an old Zoltar fortune teller machine, and this is repeated over and over again around the hall.

This philosophy has kept Brighton Palace competitive for decades even as new trends and fashions developed around it, but now it faces a very different kind of threat to its continued success.

The Rise of Mobile
One thing that the pier can’t escape from is the fact that it can’t move. While it is within relatively easy reach of anyone around the city or beyond, modern generations are getting more and more used to getting their entertainment on the move. Every kind of entertainment can now be found for smartphones, even ones that directly resemble games at the Palace such as the classic slot machines. There are even titles like Diamond Sands for that beach feel which come with casino offers alongside them.

That’s not including all of the other games and attractions that things like VR can rapidly replace, such as the rollercoasters and arcade machines. The quality and immersion may not be directly comparable but players have proven that they’ll happily trade some quality for easy access.

So What’s The Plan?
As we mentioned earlier, Brighton Palace Pier can’t really compete on the convenience front, as barring some incredible new technology it can’t get up and move about. There are two other ways to handle the situation. Firstly, it can lean into the new technology in the same way that museums around the world have started offering virtual tours, perhaps creating a VR or AR companion app for the pier to attract the latest tech lovers.

The other would be to double-down on the traditional aspect and perhaps offer some themed days that call back to the 1920s, digging out some vintage machines and appealing to the ‘unplugged’ movement amongst younger adults.

It’s safe to say the Brighton Palace Pier won’t be going anywhere for a very long time yet, so the only question left is what will it look like in another hundred years?