Caraline Brown On The Fat-Busting Trail…

I have one thing in common with Cheryl and Mel B; we are all jumping on the HYPOXI band wagon. I have long despaired of getting rid of my wobbly tummy but HYPOXI promises to be ‘one of the most effective and proven cellulite and FAT burning therapies ever!’ So when I heard that LA Fitness were offering this new treatment I thought I’d give it a go…

How does it work?
HYPOXI uses the principle of lipid metabolism to systematically reduce fat deposits.  Using a combination of vacuum pressure and low grade exercise, HYPOXI Therapy forces the body to use its own fat stores as fuel. The treatment metabolises stubborn fat deposits so it isn’t just a water loss treatment.

What happens?
I change into a loose fitting leotard and Johnny takes my measurements. Then comes the fun bit – clambering into a scuba diving suit with the feet cut off.  This requires 6ft 4 Johnny to literally bounce me in.  The suit comes up to my neck and down to my wrists, and yes it is VERY hot and tight.

I climb onto the treadmill and long pieces of what looks like garden hose are attached to the front of the suit.  The machine starts and I begin to walk.  This is not cardiovascular so you keep walking in your fat burning zone.

Immediately there is a slight pulling sensation on my abs as the machine starts to suck at my belly.  But it’s not uncomfortable feeling and it is easy enough to walk. Johnny keeps an eye on you the whole way to make sure you are comfortable with the process.  Forty minutes later and I am done.  The leotard goes in the laundry bucket and I go off for a shower.

Does it work?
I’ve now had three treatments and it is definitely making a difference.  With a 4cm loss all round I’m definitely going back for more!

Contact Johnny on 07752 420065