Casino World’s Biggest Winners

Casino World’s Biggest Winners

Throughout history, we have witnessed some big wins in the casino world from extremely lucky gamers. People like them stand as a form of motivation for regular gamblers, giving them hope that they can win big too one day. Alright, let’s look at some of these extraordinary gamblers and how they got to be the star of gambling.

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Elmer Sherwin (Mr. lucky)
·      Las Vegas
·      $4.6million & $21million
Mr Sherwin, a World War 2 veteran, can be considered one of the luckiest men alive. Elmer Sherwin started gambling ever since he was old enough to gamble at casinos, but that was not when he made the biggest jackpot of his life. He was 76 years old when he won $4.6million at the megabucks slot machine in mirage hotel and casino, and 16 years later, he determined to win his second jackpot, which was $21million at the cannery casino and hotel. When we think about this, it’s pretty insane for a man to win the megabucks jack twice whose probability of winning was one in ten million. Why not try to see if you can get any luck on the Thai Temple slot, who knows you could be the next Elmer Sherwin.

Don Johnson
·      Atlantic City
·      $15million
Don Johnson was a former corporate executive who was pretty much calculative with exceptional skills in the game of blackjack. Johnson played blackjack for about 10years calculating his odds against the house, trying to get an edge over the house. He doesn’t just walk into the casino to play blindly as most casino players do and part of what favors him is not just his skills at the game but also his knowledge of the gambling industry. He made several changes to standard casino blackjack by negotiating special rules to have a little advantage over the house. Some of those alterations were forcing the dealer to stay on soft 17, 20% rebate (20% refund for his losses by the casino).
Don Johnson won about $15million from three Atlantic City casinos (Tropicana, Borgata, and Caesars) who was then banned from playing in the Caesars casino and was stopped from negotiating with any rules in the other two casinos.

Kerry Packer
·      Las Vegas
·      $20million
Kerry Packer is known to be a whale in the history of gambling. Kerry was also known to be the world’s biggest gambler in the early 90s. It was reported that this Australian business tycoon gambled and won $20million by playing blackjack and baccarat out of interest at the MGM Grand casino in Las Vegas and started squandering his money immediately at the casino.

Archie Karas
·      Las Vegas
·      $17million
Archie karas whose Greek name is Anargyros karabourniotis was a famous poker gambler. He was popularly recognized as “the run”, this nickname was given to him considering his long winning streaks. Archie Karas has once made about $17million in a winning streak in the game of poker when he wagered and played against a businessman in Las Vegas winning $3million dollars, five famous poker players at that time challenged him too, and they all lost to him. I will say he is a man of high risk by how he dares to raise stakes in games many people will not dare to.

Mike Ashley
·      Fifty London
·      $1.6million
Mike Ashley, a famous British businessman who is also the owner of the Newcastle United football club. He is known for his lucky number 17 and became a wild goose when he reportedly won about $1.6million after declaring that he is going to bet only once and he’ll be betting on his lucky number 17 with just a roulette spin, which in turn didn’t disappoint the crowd. Mr. Ashley likes to wager on his lucky number 17 or black or six-line bets.

Charles Wells
·      Monaco
·      2 million francs
Charles wells were known to be a big-time scammer who also enjoyed betting a lot. He made himself known when wagered on the roulette spin winning 23 out of 30 successive spins bagging one million francs in one night at Monte Carlo in Monaco, his big win was reported to be luck-based after a thorough investigation by the casino since he was popularly known for his shady schemes but he didn’t stop there. In that same year, he bagged another one million francs in that same casino.

Ashley Revell
·      Las Vegas
·      $270,000
Mr Ashley Revell became famous after betting all had on just a single moment at the plaza hotel and casino. He was reported to have sold everything he had and also gathered is life savings which accumulated to be $135,000, risking everything on a just a single bet which eventually brought that lucky big win that doubled his money. He played the popular roulette placing his bet on the red 7, trust me it takes a lot of courage to take such risk. Mr Ashley Revell was then reported to have opened an online poker site called Poker UTD after making his big win. He has also created another site called IGaming Recruitment basically to help people get jobs at online casinos.

Chris Boyd
·      Las Vegas
·      $440,000
Chris Boyd was a computer programmer who saved for good three years before deciding to head to Las Vegas also became popular by betting on roulette. Having a similar occurrence with Ashley Revell, Mr. Boyd was reported to have made a bet of $220,000 on red 7 where he also ended up doubling his money.

Cynthia Jay Brennan
·      Las Vegas
·      $34,959,458.56
A cocktail waitress becoming a millionaire in one day isn’t something you get to see every day. Cynthia Jay Brennan is one of the luckiest people out there, she’s recorded to have won the biggest megabucks ever in history. She won a large sum of $34,959,458.56 by playing a state-wide lottery jackpot slot machine referred to as the megabucks in Las Vegas.

So many other great winners have emerged over the years in the world of casino and we will likely see more winners in the future. So keep playing, you could be in luck and join the illustrious list of game-changers.