Celebrate your 60th with a Jaguar E-Type driving experience

Celebrate your 60th with a Jaguar E-Type driving experience

As thousands of Brits turn sixty in 2021, many will wonder how to celebrate this milestone in style. One classy option for petrol heads and nostalgics alike is the chance to get behind the wheel of a Jaguar E-Type with one of DrivingExperience.com’s best rated classic car packages.

Indeed, DrivingExperience.com’s Classic Jaguar on Road Driving Experience is one of their fastest growing this year, offering hire of the E-Type, as well as the later XJS model for an hour on the open country roads in Worcestershire.

The recent surge in popularity of this experience becomes even more fitting as the E-Type’s diamond year also falls in 2021. In 1961, the cat from Coventry was born at the Geneva Motorshow, and was met with rave reviews. In fact, Enzo Ferrari declared it ‘the world’s most beautiful car’.

Six decades on, the acclaim still lives on today, which is why DrivingExperience.com offers a range of E-Type experiences at locations across the country, meaning there is something to satisfy the appetite of all Jaguar fanatics.

Alex MacGregor of DrivingExperience.com, commented: “For car enthusiasts who idolised the iconic E-Type, this experience offers the chance to realise childhood dreams.

“It’s also great to see bookings surge for our Classic Jaguar on Road Driving Experience in recent months, showing Brits still endear themselves to the classic car.”

Of course, it’s not just automotive lovers who will be keen to test drive the Jaguar E-Type, as for those growing up in the swinging sixties and seventies, the famous car offers a chance to relive this era.

Alex added: “The sixties is synonymous with Beatlemania and eccentric fashion, and no doubt, the E-Type is an abiding part of this period too. So, even for non-petrol heads, a ride in the E-Type promises to be a trip down memory lane, making it a nifty gift for those turning sixty.”

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