Behind The Scenes: Martletts And CWCUK Charity Ball

Recently a silent auction and charity ball black tie event was held at the Hilton Metropole in Brighton. The function was hosted by Terrie Marie Ashdown and Debbie Gunn, neither of which are event planners by career but chose to take time out of their lives to raise money for two charities which are personal to them.

The duo chose to support Children With Cancer UK and the Martletts charity for several reasons.

“We just wanted to give back to these amazing charities. I volunteer at the Martletts centre every Wednesday, they took care of my mother- in- law when she was in her time of need. A while ago when I was working I was helping to take care of a mum and she had her two little girls there playing with her. It was just so sad, but we have to make it like a home from a home for them. Their money mainly goes on research so it’s really important.”
-Debbie Gunn

The main event of the ball was the silent auction was saw winnings such as signed sports memorabilia, holidays, safari’s even down to the Monaco Grand Prix held by auctioneer Ed Giddins and as the night went on, after dinner the highly sought after band “Oomphf” performed courtesy of RH Line management.

“Firstly we were worried that people wouldn’t even come, but after we got into it a bit it started to fall into place,  I had a lot of contacts, we were lucky enough to be sponsored by Skerrits so we would like to thank Richard and Heidi. It was hard work but we loved every second of it. The charities mean so much to us, they offer so much support after death, they really took care of me with counseling up to 2 years after my nan passed away.” -Terrie Marie Ashdown

Although this was not the first charity event that Terrie Marie and Debbie had attended, this was the first they had planned themselves. After a great success £22,500 was raised from the event alone.

“ I wasn’t even sure we would break even, I can’t believe how much we raised, a lot of people don’t know how much charities need this, it costs £11,000 a day just to run the Martletts, and I can even imagine how much for Children With Cancer UK. It was very stressful for us, but worth every bit of it.”  We would like to thank everyone that made this possible and everyone who attended -Debbie Gunn

This October Terrie Marie Ashdown and Debbie Gunn will be traveling the Great Wall of China for 10 days to raise more money for charity.

If you would like to donate to any of the above charities please find the links below.

The Martletts Charity

Children With Cancer UK


The Hilton Metropole Brighton