Choosing the Perfect Gift

Choosing the Perfect Gift

Brighton is full of excellent shopping opportunities, whether exploring the popular high street brands on the main shopping circuit and within Churchill Square Shopping Centre or picking up a unique purchase in the beautiful North Laines. This makes Brighton the perfect location to find that ideal gift for someone you love, a close friend or even a colleague. There’s something for everything on the coast and definitely somewhere to include on your “must see” list.

Choosing a gift requires a little bit more thought, you have to consider the receiver’s interests, their personality and make sure you aren’t getting something they already have. If you understand someone’s hobbies or interests, you can get them a quirky gift such as themed chocolates, artwork for display, themed homewares or if you know their sizes, clothing that features their interest.

Combining Personality Traits and Interests

A good gift is about being smart with the way you see a person. Everyone has traits and quirks that align under certain headings and a mixture of these traits makes up the basis of everyone in the world. Your best friend may be an outspoken person, into their music and video games with a fierce passion for the colour red, bright lights and fluffy objects. You, on the other hand, might prefer quiet nights in, horror movies and comic books, sing only when alone while enjoying muted colours and greys.

If someone was tasked with buying jewellery for each of these people, they could try to see what sort of jewellery they already wear and ask people close to the receivers if they are aware of any known preference for luxury jewellery and worn trinkets. Finding out that the first person prefers gold and has a charm bracelet, they could look into gold video game themed charms with red highlights. Learning that the second individual has a preference for silver and black and wears a lot of smart shirts, you could search for formal jewellery such as a silver watch or onyx cufflinks.

Don’t forget search engine parameters, if you are looking for a type of shop to browse in locally, you’ll want to use “jewellery shop Brighton”, while if you just want to find an online retailer for something specific, you would use “onyx cufflinks UK”.

When looking for sweet treats or food related gifts make sure to cover any allergies or intolerances and avoid anything the gift receiver dislikes. It’s easier to find out these bits of information through social media these days, however, if you get away with asking the receiver directly without blowing your gift idea, that’s always the most trustworthy source of information.

Go Beyond the Gift

It’s not just the gift itself that makes for a great gift-giving experience but consider how you wrap and present the gift. Sure, gift bags are a 30-second solution but why not have some fun with the wrapping. Hide sweets or confetti in layers of wrapping paper, seal the gift in a watertight bag and freeze it in a block of ice or go really crafty and create a scavenger hunt that the receiver must solve to find their present.

Why not create some custom wrapping paper? Brown kraft paper or rolls of coloured poster paper can be picked up cheaply and decorated with stamps, decors, stickers or hand-written well-wishings. It’s a little touch that makes it all the more personal for the special people in your life.

Whether it’s a birthday, congratulations or christmas, buying a gift for someone should be a fun and enjoyable experience for both the giver and receiver. The next time you need to find someone a gift, do some research before hitting the high street and find out what makes that person tick, you’ll soon find the inspiration for that perfect gift to make them smile.