Christmas crafting presents: 5 simple designs for beginners

Christmas crafting presents: 5 simple designs for beginners

Christmas is the best time for getting some crafting projects started. Not only is it incredibly fun and festive, but your loved ones are sure to adore receiving more personalised gifts. Don’t worry if you’re just getting started in the world of crafts – you don’t need to be a pro to create beautiful presents for all the family – keep reading for five simple crafting designs.

Personalised treat jar

Everyone loves getting a gift made just for them – try creating a personalised treat jar based on what the receiver likes. Start by tying a festive ribbon around the top or middle of the jar depending on what you prefer. Get busy with the crafting; what you do is totally up to you, but we recommend gluing on small silver stars around the jar and using a little snow spray around the bottom. Put a layer of shredded tissue paper and fill your jar full of treats. Try filling the jar with bath and skincare products or sweet treats depending on who’s getting the gift. Need some more ideas? You can find plenty of gift in a jar ideas here.

Christmas tree tea

Tea lovers will be grabbing their craft supplies, when it comes to creating a stunning christmas tree designs made from tea bags. The perfect gift for anyone who loves a brew, they’re easy to make for beginners. Choose individually wrapped square tea bags, then take a styrofoam cone available from most craft stores – the size is up to you, just make sure there’s enough room for a few rows of tea bags. Put a thin line of glue along the top of a tea bag using a hot glue gun before holding it on to the cone until it’s dried. Continue going around the of the cone, overlapping them slightly so they look like a tree. When that’s finished, glue a small cardboard cylinder such as a paper mache box to the base to create a stump. Use the hot glue gun to attach a star to the top and feel free to add more decorations on the tea bags. Those who receive it can simply pull the bags off the tree when preparing for a round of tea.

Homemade soap

Speaking of skincare, it’s basically tradition to receive some sort of delicious smelling soap around Christmas time. Make your own creamy peppermint soap with ease, using shea butter and essential oils. Start by microwaving half a pound of shea butter soap base until it’s fully melted, stirring it every 30 seconds. Once it’s liquid, add a few drops of peppermint essential oil into the base and mix very well – we’d recommend around eight drops. Pour the soap into molds in the shape of your choice and add a few drops of red food colouring on top before using a toothpick to swirl it around, creating a unique candy cane inspired pattern on each one. Let it cool completely before trying a ribbon around them, ready for gifting.

Marble mugs

Homeware is a popular choice of gift, especially when they’re completely unique. Make your loved ones their own marble mugs using nail polish and plain white mugs. Start by filling a container with warm water and drip nail polish of your choice into this. You’ll notice a few pockets of air forming, so give it some extra help with a toothpick to expand the pockets of nail polish. Dip half of the mug into the container using circular motions to create a unique pattern. Finally, let the mug dry and add a few layers of glossy acrylic sealer to the outside with a sponge brush. The finished effect is a beautifully modern, fun design that all homeowners would love to recieve.

Button art

Continue the personalised theme with some easy button art. Whether you go for their initial or favourite animal that you feel represents them, they’re sure to adore these cute gifts that are actually very straightforward to make. You’ll need a hot glue gun and some canvas as well as a template to help you get the artwork down. Take a look at this simple guide to button art here.

Try these fun personalised gifts and watch your loved one’s faces light up on Christmas morning.