Christmas drag show raising money for the Sussex beacon

Christmas drag show raising money for the Sussex beacon

HO HO HO! It’s Christmas time at The club and all our performers have something to jingle, something to twinkle and to celebrate all thinks “Ho”! Gather round my darlings, for we have a tale of the FORBIDDEN, a story of the FIERCE and a telling of PURE, FABULOUS, GLAMOUR!!

Set in 1930’s Britain during a time where same sex intimacy was only tolerated in the world of cabaret, dancing and drinking until dawn. For to be queer and gay is seemingly acceptable in this circle of the chattering class, if you can afford the door fee and get past Mrs Mincey-Pie, our door person of course.

Once inside our crevice of curiosity, you will be hosted by Madame Fakewell and her gaggle of working class queers.  She runs a tight ship, but will lead you down a path of cabaret, showbiz and glamour, where you too can explore your deepest desires.

Where do you find this place? Well that depends who you know, if you know where to head, which alley to stumble down, you know who to follow and you know the passcode…

We present to you STAUNCH!! A Christmas extravaganza! So clutch onto your baubles darling, and be quick!  Avoid the old bill and Scrooges in the veil of the night and get down to club staunch where you TOO can be a festive star!



The show: this will be immersive cabaret with drag performers and loud music with singing, dancing, stand up and acrobats.

Venue: The Curzon, 7 Rock st, Kemp Town, Brighton, BN2 1NF

Time and date: 10th December, 8PM. Doors open 7:00PM.

Tickets available on Eventbrite and LIMITED amount on on the door tickets (cash or PayPal) all £10 standard entry.

Ticket link: