Julia Chanteray

Come On An Adventure

Words by Julia Chanteray

Last year 200+ business people came together at the Brighton Summit.  It was a fantastic day, maybe you were there, or maybe you heard about it afterwards and wished that you had been there.

This year, at Brighton Chamber, we’ve gone one better.  We’re organising another summit, on the 4th July, and this one is going to be a real adventure.

The point of the Brighton Summit is to bring together all sorts of business people to learn together, have some fun, and be inspired.  We’re calling it “Come on an Adventure”, partly because the day will be an adventure, and partly because running a business is an adventure in itself and we want everyone to learn and take heart from the experiences of others.

The learning part
The best learning for business is often the bits that you learn from others.  If you know that someone else got into real difficulties by doing something, you know to be especially careful yourself if you’re going down a similar road.  And if you see that someone else was successful, there’s always something to emulate or be inspired by.

We have inspiration by the bucket load with speakers like Rob Forkan from Gandy’s Flip Flops. Rob’s business was inspired by his experience of being orphaned by the 2004 tsunami, and it’s now an international sensation of a business.

We’ll be learning the business lessons from Breaking Bad, not so much how to run a drugs empire, but more about how to not be like Walt.  This is my session, and there will be a mixture of reminiscing about the series and some serious points about supply chains, distribution and the importance of a premium product.

The adventure part
As well as the amazing speakers, we’ll be having a “Dare Hour” where we’ll be daring you to do something you wouldn’t normally do.  We’ll have some very adventurous foods, exotic animals and the chance to push beyond your comfort zone.

Come along.

‘Come on an Adventure’ will be one of those precious days. The chance to take stock and explore the challenges you face in a creative and exciting way.

It sounds bold, but we mean it.  Your business may never be the same again.

Get your ticket now.

Make sure you have a place at the Brighton Summit on the 4th July.  All the special Adventurer tickets have sold out, so make sure you get your hands on a Daredevil ticket now.  You wouldn’t want to hear about it afterwards, and wish that you’d dared to come…


Tickets are available at www.brightonsummit.com now.