Complete Guide to Small Animal Care at Home 

Complete Guide to Small Animal Care at Home

Having an animal at home can be a real joy and improve your life in many ways. Additionally, looking after an animal can develop many key life skills in children. Small animals can be ideal as they can be easier to look after and require less work than a dog. It is still a big responsibility, though, so this post will look at a few of the best ways to look after a small animal at home.

Dedicate a Space for Them

First, you must dedicate a space for them. You can house them outside in a hutch during the warmer months of the year, but they will likely have to be brought inside during the colder seasons. Therefore, you must ensure they have a space for themselves where they will be able to sleep and feel safe.

Bond With Them

It is also vital that you take time to bond with them. Like dogs, small animals like rabbits and guinea pigs need to feel loved to feel safe and calm. You should try to spend quality time with them, including holding them, stroking them and playing with them (more on this to come). This can benefit both you and the animal and help you create a strong connection.

Feeding & Cleaning

Of course, you must also get into a daily routine of feeding the animal and always ensure you have plenty of healthy food for them to enjoy. Small animals like rabbits and guinea pigs are creatures of habit, so you should be feeding them at the same time each day. Guinea pig hay is a great option for guinea pigs as it is good for their overall health and something that they tend to love! Additionally, you need to clean their hutch regularly so that they are living in a clean, healthy environment.

Playing & Exercising

Small animals will also require regular play and exercise. This is why you need to get them out of the hutch daily and have a space where they can safely run around and explore. Playing with them will give them exercise while helping you create a stronger connection, so try to find games that your animal enjoys playing. If they are playing/exercising in the garden, make sure you have set up a safe perimeter and supervise them at all times.

Having a small animal at home can improve your life in many ways, but it is still a big responsibility. The advice in this article should help you learn how to look after a small animal at home and be the best owner possible. The key is to try to fit the main responsibilities into your daily schedule and ensure you can dedicate enough time to create a strong bond with the animal.