Corporate Employee Benefits that will Remain or Rise in Importance in 2023

Corporate Employee Benefits that will Remain or Rise in Importance in 2023

Employee benefits are massively important. They can help increase motivation and provide job satisfaction. People need to feel supported and rewarded for the work they do. Plus, the benefits offered in a certain position can have a big impact on whether or not someone decides to accept a job offer with an organisation. So, what exactly are people looking for in terms of the benefits offered in a job? Let’s take a look at four that are expected to remain or rise in importance for 2023.

Flexible Working

Flexible working ultimately refers to the ability to work remotely or have flexible start and finish times. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve learned just how important having the ability to work remotely is. During the peak of the pandemic, staying home was necessary. Now, this benefit can help increase productivity, promote a healthy work-life balance, increase job satisfaction and reduce stress and burnout. Plus, it can save on commute time and help reduce travel emissions. Remote working is expected to remain important through this year, with many companies moving to a hybrid model that focuses on time both in and out of the office.

Employee Assistance Packages

Mental health is recognized as a big contributor to our overall health. We’re learning that it’s ok to ask for help, which is why Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) are expected to grow in importance for benefits packages. EAP’s usually consist of assessments, short-term counselling and referral services for employees (and their family members). They’re intended to support and help people deal with personal problems, especially those that could impact job performance. During the pandemic, many people had increased fear, anxiety, loneliness and social isolation. While the world has started to get back to normal, some of those symptoms may not have been addressed. That’s why being able to access support in a safe and secure way through an employer can be a huge benefit to an employee.

Corporate Health Screening

Corporate health screening refers to a series of questionnaires and tests that are designed to help employees pinpoint concerns relating to their health. What’s involved in a health screening depends on which organisation is providing the service, but can include blood pressure checks, blood tests, diabetes checks, mental health reviews and more. With the priority of health coming to the forefront in recent years, these types of screenings are expected to rise in importance. Why? Because people are an organisations’ best asset. Providing corporate health screening can help employees take advantage of tests that they may not have known were available or push them to get checked more regularly. Plus, it encourages employees to take ownership over their health and well-being so they can change their lifestyle for the better.

Time Off

Being able to take time off has always been an important benefit, and it’s expected to stay that way. There’s a whole multitude of reasons why taking annual leave holidays can benefit employees. It allows them time to rest and recharge, helping to reduce stress. It gives them the opportunity to spend time with friends and family, boosting happiness and combating loneliness. Plus, it lets them focus on different, non-work-related things that are important to them, like travel or pursuing a personal passion. Because of all that, when employees do return back to work, they have better mental health and increased energy.