Could Help to Heat help someone you know on Fuel Poverty Awareness Day?

Could Help to Heat help someone you know on Fuel Poverty Awareness Day?

This winter will be one of the most difficult in living memory with lockdown and increasing unemployment forcing more people to spend time in homes they can’t afford to heat and potentially ending up in hospital. Many people will use more, pay more and owe more, while earning considerably less.

This Friday is Fuel Poverty Awareness Day and we’re raising awareness of how we can make sure our communities stay safe and warm this winter. This includes our Help to Heat scheme, which supports those struggling to make ends meet by providing funding to connect some households to our gas network for free. In some cases, we can also fully or partially fund a gas central heating system.

According to National Energy Action (NEA), the same health conditions impacted by cold indoor temperatures will place people at greater risk of contracting COVID-19.

Coping strategies which people normally use to get through the cold winter months, such as only having one heated room for the family to socialise in, could also increase the spread of infection. This not only threatens even more lives but hampers collective efforts to reduce infection and prevent the NHS from being overwhelmed. Some households also take risks by using unsafe heating sources such as a cooker or outdoor patio heater to get warmed up, which can cause carbon monoxide poisoning or start fires.

In 2017/18, excess winter deaths exceeded 50,000 across the UK, and the NEA estimates that 17,000 people died because they were unable to keep adequately warm at a reasonable cost. This winter, that figure could be far greater as people self-isolate in a cold home in response to COVID-19.

It’s important to us that our communities are safe and warm this winter and we want to help people to reduce their heating costs. Heating a home with electricity is proven to be three times more expensive than it would be with a gas central heating system, so could you or someone you know benefit from a free connection to our gas network?

Mr R, a father of two from Winchester, received funding for a gas connection and A-rated central heating system from SGN’s Help to Heat Scheme. Mr R said: “I found the scheme while my heating was being temperamental. When we found out we could get the funding me and my wife were very happy, it was a huge relief. The heating system install was actually rushed through because eventually our old oil boiler just broke.”

The family had their brand new energy efficient heating system installed during the coronavirus pandemic, with emergency work continuing to ensure they weren’t left without heating.

“The contractors were great, I was really happy with the installation, it all ran very smoothly. I was really happy with Felicity on the phone, she took control of my install and I’m thrilled with the outcome, it worked out brilliantly!”

To find out if you or someone you know is eligible for a free gas connection and gas central heating from our Help to Heat scheme, visit, or call YES Energy Solutions on 0800 015 5174 to speak to a Help to Heat advisor. You can also email our team at with your name and contact details.

If you’re already connected to our gas network, you can receive free independent support to assess your energy bills and consumption. We work with established partners to help you to reduce your utility costs and help you to stay safe and warm this winter. Find out more at