Creative ways to decorate a small space

Creative ways to decorate a small space

Decorating your small space effectively is something of a tightrope walk. After all, there’s always the temptation to fill it up with as many different things as possible, and get as much of your personality into the space as you can. But with that desire to make a small space unique comes the risk of creating a cluttered and chaotic mess that has far too many ideas in such a limited amount of room.

But whether you’re making the most of a flatshare, adding some style to a single room in a shared house, or even decorating your new studio flat, there’s always a creative solution for your style requirements.

Below are some creative and stress-free solutions to decorating your small space and making sure your own sense of style isn’t lost in the shuffle.

Consider the lighting

Smaller spaces don’t have to be dark and drab. Despite the lack of window light coming in through the space, there are some innovative ways to replace that natural light in any corner, nook, or cabinet in your living area.

Having some small but inviting lamp lights, or using bendable LED tape light for hard-to-illuminate areas, will help to create the right ambience while keeping things cost-effective. Not only are they easy to install, but they’ll add another layer of light to your space.

Combine stylish with good storage

In a smaller and more intimate space, each piece of furniture needs to serve a purpose while also contributing to the overall theme of the room. You can achieve this by looking for beds and sofas and pieces that also have good storage facilities.

A handful of key features that can also hide away some blankets or household essentials really help to eliminate clutter in the space, allowing the style of the room to speak for itself.

Let the room breathe

Many people make the mistake of placing too much furniture into their smaller spaces. This can make the entire area feel cluttered and claustrophobic at times. Try to pull the furniture you do have away from the wall and create more breathable space between key features.

Avoid falling for some common misconceptions about furniture size. It doesn’t all have to be tiny. All you need to do is ensure that you’ve got a handful of main pieces to draw the eye amid some breathable space.

Understated but united in style

As long as the room is unified by some simple but stylish colour choices, everything should work together in unison to create the perfect room decor. With a more understated approach to decorating your place, you’re allowing the space to feel far less cramped. You’ll soon notice the change for yourself each time you walk into the room.

If you’ve put the above steps into action using careful consideration and you’ve made good use of the available space, you’ll have created something that feels spacious, looks far more expensive than it is, and has an understate charms that’s unapologetically you!