Culinary innovator Niall Keating collaborates with award-winning distillery to create a world’s first for gin

Salcombe Gin and two Michelin-starred chef Niall Keating unveil the world’s first gin to use kombucha as a liquid botanical

Salcombe Gin Voyager Series ‘Restless’ | 46% ABV | 50cl | £65 RRP   

Pushing the boundaries of gin distillation, ‘Restless’ is the fifth limited-edition release in the award-winning Voyager Series from Salcombe Gin. Crafted in collaboration with two Michelin-starred chef Niall Keating of Whatley Manor in Wiltshire, ‘Restless’ is inspired by Niall’s passion for Asian cuisine and has been uniquely distilled with kombucha, marking the first time the liquid botanical has been used to create a gin.

Located overlooking the clear waters of Salcombe and the wild coastline of South Devon, Salcombe Distilling Co. has united Salcombe’s rich maritime history with Niall’s global influence and revolutionary culinary thinking to create a complex and innovative gin with intriguing and exotic Asian flavours.

The result of a shared journey of exploration and a quest for perfection between the award winning distillery and Niall, ‘Restless’ pushes the boundaries of distillation and has been developed using Niall’s very own blood orange kombucha. Made at his culinary residence, Whatley Manor, by fermenting Sencha Sakura tea; using a kombucha mother and blood orange pulp, the blood orange kombucha is distilled with the finest English wheat spirit to create a distillate in order to capture and preserve the complex citrus and floral aromas.

Further kombucha is then used as a liquid botanical and combined with 15 hand selected botanicals, including Asian pears, Japanese salted plums, Chinese black dates, perilla leaves and Sencha Sakura tea, before being distilled according to the one-shot method.

The bespoke blood orange kombucha adds a delicate sweetness, with a tang of blood orange and a touch of vanilla, while the Asian spices inspired by Niall’s love of Korean and Japanese cuisine add sweet smoky notes.

‘Restless’ is carefully balanced with the more traditional use of Macedonian juniper, fresh lime peel and orris root, complemented with kaffir lime leaf, Mexican orange blossom and finally Citra hops; a subtle nod to the Californian IPAs from Niall’s time spent in San Francisco.

The kombucha distillate and distilled gin are then blended to an exact ratio, to enhance the complex top notes and rich mouthfeel to create a gin with a unique combination of Eastern spices and fruits.

Niall Keating, who was recently crowned Champion of Champions on BBC Two’s ‘Great British Menu’, has been acclaimed for his daring and innovative cooking. His relentless passion and never-ending quest for perfection are showcased through his rapid rise on the culinary scene and are now expressed in ‘Restless’, which challenges the distillation process and the senses.

Angus Lugsdin, co-founder of Salcombe Distilling Co., comments: “Niall is one of the most exciting and prodigious chef talents in the world. He represents a new generation of culinary innovation as he continues to push boundaries. It was a privilege to collaborate with him to create ‘Restless’ and bring his revolutionary thinking to the gin world. His suggestion to incorporate the complex flavour compounds found in a kombucha led to the development of the world’s first gin made using a ‘liquid botanical’. Salcombe Gin Voyager Series ‘Restless’ offers exceptional exotic flavours for discerning drinkers who want to be taken on a taste journey across the globe.”

“We have long admired the top-quality gin that Salcombe Distilling Co. produces, and especially the premium collaborations they have done to date”, commented Executive Chef Niall Keating. “When I was approached by Salcombe Distilling Co. earlier this year, I felt they were very much the right calibre of distillers to work with on a bespoke gin for Whatley Manor.”

He added: “I was curious about the production process and how I could introduce some of my more intriguing ingredients to develop a stand-out spirit that would be a reflection of my own culinary journey. I’ve learnt so much about the fine detail that goes into the creation and distillation process, and I believe together we have crafted a unique and delicious gin.”

Signature Serves  ‘Restless & Tonic’  
For the ultimate G&T using Salcombe Gin Voyager Series ‘Restless’, simply fill a large copa glass with ice, add a large measure of gin to three parts premium Indian tonic water and garnish with a slice of Asian pear.


•  50ml Salcombe Gin Voyager Series ‘Restless’

•  150ml Fever-Tree Premium Indian Tonic Water

•  A slice of Asian pear

•  Plenty of ice


1.                  Fill a copa glass with plenty of ice

2.                  Add 50ml of Salcombe Gin Voyager Series


3.                  Add 150ml of Fever-Tree Premium Indian Tonic Water

4.                  Garnish with a slice of Asian pear

5.                  Gently stir and serve

Created by Niall Keating and the Salcombe Distilling Co.’s team of mixologists to showcase this innovative gin, ‘Relentless’ marries the exotic flavours of ‘Restless’ with fresh notes of yuzu, fruity Asian pear, the subtle spice of Indonesian long pepper and an effervescent sweetness of kombucha to create a cocktail inspired by Niall’s culinary journey.


•       40ml Salcombe Gin Voyager Series ‘Restless’

•       10ml Choya yuzu liqueur

•       10ml Asian pear and Indonesian long pepper syrup*

•       5 dashes plum bitters

•       ½ pipette foaming bitters

•       50ml Real Kombucha Royal Flush

•       Perilla leaf


1.     Place an extra-large ice cube in a contemporary tumbler and leave to one side

2.     Fill a Boston shaker with ice, add the ‘Restless’ gin, yuzu liqueur, Asian pear and long pepper syrup, plum and foaming bitters and shake vigorously for 10 seconds

3.     Long pour the mixture through a double strainer over the ice cube into the glass

4.     Top up with 50ml of Real Kombucha Royal Flush

5.     Garnish with a single perilla leaf placed on top of the ice cube

*For details and method, please visit 

As part of the Voyager Series, this new gin from Salcombe Distilling Co. and Niall Keating, joins a limited-edition collection of gins which have been developed in collaboration with world renowned chefs or iconic wine makers to reflect their personality, style, story and approach to their craft.

Each release is named after one of the famous 19th century Salcombe Fruit Schooners and takes inspiration from their rich history of exploration.

‘Restless’ is no exception. The gin is named after a Salcombe Fruiter built in Kingsbridge in  1865 and is inspired by her cargo of exotic fruits and spices imported from around the globe.

Limited to 3,500 bottles, ‘Restless’ is presented in a stunning white ceramic bottle featuring an embossed outline of the iconic gin pennant and a bespoke debossed copper stopper commissioned for the Voyager Series.  The label is in green to reflect the exotic Asian spices championed in the gin.

Salcombe Gin Voyager Series ‘Restless’: a collaboration with Niall Keating is priced at £65 per 50cl bottle with presentation box and is available now online at, from the Salcombe Gin Distillery and Victuallers, Amazon and Master of Malt.

A luxury gift hamper featuring Salcombe Gin Voyager Series ‘Restless’ is also available for £120 exclusively from

Niall will be serving ‘Restless’ and offering a special Michelin, dine and stay package at  Whatley Manor. Prices for the package start from £524 for two people and includes a ‘Restless Mr Keating’ Salcombe Gin cocktail per person, an overnight stay, a chef’s menu, breakfast and full use of the Aquarias Spa. For further information or to book, please visit: