Del Tempels A Ibiza Story

Del Tempels A Ibiza Story

Absolute Magazine talks to Delphine Tempels, the creator behind the luxury Ibizan jewellery brand Del Tempels

Explain to us the start up of the brand. How did it begin?

My mother and father have always been in close connection with the artistic world and work in it. They have transmitted all that passion to me.

I originally worked as an actress but the most important thing for me was to be able to creative every day. Having previously studied for more than two years in Fine Arts, with sculpture being my favourite medium, it felt like fate when I met Andres, who was in charge of cinema sets and props. I started working with him, reproducing old pieces, medals and Roman coins for a movie. He would make a mould and then we would create the items in resin.

When I turned 30 I decided to resume my work with my hands but applying my artistic skills that I have been acquiring and in a world that always fascinated me; jewellery. I created my first pieces and very soon the professional sector showed a lot of interest in my work and they have since helped me to form the brand and products I present today.

How has the business grown to be where it is now? What has contributed to your success?

The philosophy behind the brand Del Tempels has always remained the same, but the brand has developed as it has grown. The most important thing for me for me is to respect my philosophy: Be Unique. This has always been the same and the backbone to which the collections have been formed upon. What is different now to when I first started is that more people know and appreciate my work. I can create the really exclusive pieces for the exclusive person. Many professionals are now offering me their help for photos, web, shooting, so that everything has consistency. The press want to meet me and stylists now use my jewellery for famous actresses. The very high-end jewellery shop want my designs, I have many forthcoming exhibitions, and I will soon be making my first appearances in Fashion Weeks.

I am proud to say that I have just won a first prize award in a contest organised by The Gemological Institute of Madrid for the “Viaje a la luna” bracelet. I think the most important factors contributing to my success has been my perseverance every day and my non-conformity. I have always continued and progressed with the same initial ideal: tradition and innovation, timeless and high quality. I want to continue learning and give more.

What inspires you and your designs ?

Nature and culture. I was born in Belgium (Brussels) but I have lived in Spain for 14 years (Madrid-Ibiza). I’m steeped in various cultures. Apparently these are similar European cultures but they really are quite different. The tradition is different and the character, the way of life, the way of speaking, the way to dress, the light, the weather, the art and the nature. I live with that day in and day out and that is reflected in all my designs. Ibiza is magical and has a fascinating nature; the sea with its reflections and the night with its stars and its magic. It is what attracts me the most. Both the sea and the night play with light and shadows, both of which play an important part in the conception of a jewel.

Now your starting to become a recognised brand, have you worked with any fashion brands or campaigns you can share with us?

Not at the moment, but it is something I would love to do in the future.

How has the advent of social media impacted on you? I can see from your online presence you seem to embrace this?

In today’s world, social networks are very important. I try to maintain an online presence but it is not the main thing for me and I’m not very passionate about it. It is my website that really showcases my jewellery. I think it is essential and it allows me to promote my work and make myself known anywhere in the world. A special thanks to Fran Marcos for the website design!

What materials do you enjoy working with most ?

My philosophy and my way of thinking about a jewel has much to do with the materials I use. For me, a jewel has to stand the test of time, allowing it to be timeless for its materials and designs. Therefore each material has something different to contribute, depending on the type of pieces and the designs, be it more artistic or classical. I only work with precious metals (sterling silver-925ml, gold 18k-750ml), classic gemstones and precious stones I have found.

How do you stay relevant and current? Where do you get your inspiration from?

Ever since I was a little, I’ve been lucky enough to have an artistic education, encouraging me to be curious and non-conformist. I’m constantly searching. It is important to have an artistic criterion and to, over time, always refine it. In art, you can understand and learn from past and current cultures. It is also very important to understand and keep up-to-date with what happens in today’s society and in fashion trends. You should know what your message is and what you offer. That is what makes you different, because it’s so very personal. In the tradition is the innovation.

Which project’s are you really excited about for 2018/19? Are there any future plans you can share with us?

At the moment I have many events coming up that both excite and inspire me and I’m really happy and grateful. On July 27th, my pieces will parade in Miami Fashion Week and in August I am participating in a benefit/charity event in the Casino of Galicia (Rías Baixas) with other colleagues in profession with the “Asosiación Joyas de Autor”.

In October, I am invited take my jewels and present them at the incredible Marbella Fashion Week. It’s fantastic because I will be amongst many internationally-renowned designers. After that I have a exposition in Madrid (October) and in Brussels (November).

Why are your designs and service so different to other businesses within the industry? What can Del Tempels clients expect?

My designs are all unique. I do not work with moulds. I remake the designs one by one with my hands in my atelier in Ibiza. The granulation is always different. I see my designs like patterns in sewing because I like to create by the person. I don’t like the industrial or chain work. I like to create, personalise and take care of the details. With each client, I offer a special and exclusive treatment. I value the time and that is luxury. I offer exactly that: time, quality and unique, exclusive designs.

How has being based in Ibiza helped your business?

Ibiza has its own name and attracts a lot of people from all over the world for holidays and business. My creations can therefore reach very varied and interesting people. Ibiza is a paradise for an artist. My atelier is in the middle of a field, in a typical Ibizan house. I need the tranquility and nature to connect with me in order for me to create and Ibiza is perfect. However, I also need to sometimes get out of Ibiza to see other world cultures, theatre, city movement and for my work (materials, laboratory of metal and certificate, stones, exhibitions, world of art and fashion etc).

Do you feel the country’s high creativity levels have contributed to your further success?

Yes, completely. Many artist come to Ibiza. For example, this is how I met my friend Eric Ceccarini, an awesome photographer. He lives here with his family and offered me his talent as a photographer in order to help me to have some quality and different photos.