Different Cultures Of The World Did You Know.

Culture is what defines people. When we talk about culture we mean the art that people inherited and is diffused within them. Culture is that which runs in your blood, and what you pass on to the next generation. Did you know that best us sports betting respect all culture hence you can choose games that similar to your culture.

The same way we are people of different color is the same way that culture is different in the world. In music, there is a culture, in the education system, there is a culture. This article will, however, explore the culture pertaining to how people live. Keep on reading and be inspired and educated.

Chinese Culture

This is the first culture that we would want to talk about. The reason is that we find it rather interesting. Chinese festivals are rather intriguing and unique if you ask us. The Chinese are known for naming their months using animals. And not just any animals but rather vague ones that you wouldn’t even have guessed.

There is the month of the monkey, the dragon, the rabbit and the list goes on. And when they have their festivals they display the month which it represents. The most commonly celebrated one is the month of the dragon. Talk about a colorful tradition that is a wonder and feast to the eyes.

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Sudanese Latuka Tribe

African cultures are different but have some traits that are rather similar. Have you ever heard of kidnapping your bride? Yes whilst this is illegal in some parts of the world, this is very much tradition in some parts of Africa.

What then happens is that when a man wants to ask for a woman’s hand in marriage, all he does is kidnap the woman. And then he goes to the father’s house to ask for the daughter’s hand in marriage. If the father agrees he beats up the suitor as a sign that he has agreed.

But in cases that the father disagrees then that won’t make any difference as the man will still go on to marry the woman.