Do E-liquids Truly Help More Than Traditional NRT’s?

Do E-liquids Truly Help More Than Traditional NRT’s?

Despite the fact that e-cigarettes are more effective than traditional nicotine replacement therapy products or NRT’s, the misperception that most people have surrounding e-cigarettes limits their reach and hence disables individuals from taking help from its use. E-liquids and e-cigarettes are highly effective as cessation aids, and due to the act of vaping being considered “wrongful” owing to certain misperceptions, the reputation of such products suffers wrongly.

Evidence in research
A research by a team from University College London explored just how effective e-cigarettes were in their usage, and the results of the study were in favor of the use of e-liquids and related products. In fact, the study concluded that on an average, e-cigarettes were 70% more effective than traditional nicotine replacement therapy products.

Another study by Professor Hajek exploring the effectiveness of e-cigarettes over traditional nicotine replacement therapy products concluded how the former were almost twice as effective as the latter as cessation aids. Another study by Action and Smoking and Health or ASH, detailed the positive impact of e-cigarettes and their effectiveness as cessation aids.

While these reports and studies have provided a lot of implications for policy makers and health officials, the general public remains divided about their use due to a lack of information dissemination, and an increase in the spread of misinformation about vaping and vape culture.

How does one confirm e-liquids supremacy over NRTs
The fact that the percentage of vapers who have now stopped smoking keeps increasing every year – as reported by national surveys – confirms its efficiency as a cessation aid over traditional nicotine replacement therapy products. This percentage was reportedly 50% in 2017, and increased to almost 58% in 2020 which equals to almost 2.5 individuals who have stopped smoking altogether. These numbers considered in combination to the above results concluded from various studies confirms the effectiveness of e-liquids over traditional nicotine replacement therapy products.

Why is the reputation of vaping hampered despite such data?
Despite the public availability of such data, the reputation of vaping is hampered in the public eye and a very low number of smokers who are struggling to quit realize the benefits that vaping poses for them. They fail to identify and understand how e-cigarettes are less harmful for them as compared to smoking. The tobacco industry and others are relatively active in communicating the cons of vaping in a wrongful manner, while casting shadow on its numerous benefits.

Many doctors actively support the idea of prescribing vapes and related products to individuals who are looking to quit smoking and suffer from lung damage. It is upon the NHS to listen to such health professionals and conduct a nationwide campaign that communicates the harmful effects of smoking and helps individuals quit by recommending vaping as a cessation aid. Not only would that be extremely helpful for smokers all around the world, it would also help save numerous lives that are lost to smoking and lung related diseases every year. Individuals looking to quit should be recommended V2 e-juices and related vape products to aid their quitting journey.

What you need to know about Vaping
1.     Vapes are much less harmful than smoking
Even if you keep aside e-liquids and vapes’ superiority over traditional nicotine replacement therapy products, vaping is much safer that regular cigarettes. Vapes heat nicotine and flavorings in order to create the harmless aerosol that you inhale whereas cigarettes heat about 7000 chemicals all of which are toxic.

2.     Vapes don’t have obnoxious odors
Unlike cigarettes, vapes do not have obnoxious odors at all. While cigarettes leave a foul odor around you and your clothes, vape in fact leaves an aroma depending upon the flavor of the e-liquid you are using. The smell or aroma of the flavor may be strong or weak depending upon your choice of flavor, and either way is very pleasant.

3.     Vapes allow you to control your nicotine intake
E-liquids are available in a variety of strengths and hence you can control your nicotine dosage depending upon the e-liquid you choose. You may opt for a nicotine free or a high nicotine content e-liquid depending on your preference. People who smoke regular cigarettes and are trying to quit usually opt for flavors that have high nicotine content and then gradually lower their nicotine intake.