Dobbies Brighton store gears up for Bring Your Christmas Tree Home Day

Dobbies Brighton store gears up for Bring Your Christmas Tree Home Day

Electric vehicle owners offered 10% off their real tree

Video guide on how to get your tree in the car (© Dobbies Garden Centres): 

Dobbies Garden Centre in Brighton is gearing up for one of the key dates in the festive calendar, officially known as ‘Bring Your Christmas Tree Home Day.’

The first Saturday of December (Saturday 3 December) is the most popular day for buying real Christmas trees and this year is set to be no exception as demand for real trees continues to grow, with trees available both in store and online.

Dobbies is committed to protecting the environment and is shining a light on its sustainably grown Christmas trees. Not only that, but starting on Saturday 3 and running to Friday 9 December, the garden centre is offering all electric and hybrid vehicle owners 10% off their real tree when purchased in store, with Club Plus Members able to secure a further 5% discount, on top of their normal 10% discount.

To take advantage of the offer all customers in Brighton need to do is head to

The Nordmann Fir is the most popular Christmas tree in the UK because it loses very few needles, meaning your tree will remain green and full, with the right care. However, Dobbies’ Brighton store offers a full range of freshly cut and pot grown trees, starting from £19.99, to suit every home size and budget, as the garden centre promotes great value this festive season.

Marcus Eyles, Dobbies’ Horticultural Director and resident Christmas tree expert, provides his top tips for the best real Christmas tree experience. For selecting your tree, Marcus says: “To ensure your Christmas tree is the right size, come equipped with the height, depth and width measurements of the area where you picture your tree at home. Make sure the area has a plug nearby, for your Christmas lights – corners are ideal – as it will keep your tree safe from knocks and bumps.

“Bringing a tape measure to the store and double checking the dimensions is a good idea to avoid any disappointment and save you a return trip to the store if you find that your tree is too big or small once you get it home. Dobbies’ team members will also be on hand to help you decide what tree is best suited to your space. Fear not, if your tree is a little too big, you can always trim it to fit the space.”

Marcus continues: “All of our trees are netted once selected, so they are as compact as possible. For most cars, the tree will be too long to fit in the boot. I’d recommend attaching it to your roof rack if you have one and, if not, recline the front passanger seat. Insert the tip of the tree into the car first and rest the stump in the footwell. Use the safety belt to secure it in position so you can drive home safely.”

Marcus adds: “Once you have your cut tree home, keep it outside in a sheltered area, cut 1” off the base of the trunk and stand in a bucket of water until you are ready to bring it indoors, this will help reduce needle drop.

“Place your tree in its water holding stand and ensure the water reservoir is replenished on a regular basis. Your potted tree will be ready to slot straight away into your designated spot!”

All Dobbies’ trees are sustainably grown from specially selected seeds, taken from hand-picked cones which have been left to dry and nurtured into seedlings. Specialist pruning techniques are used to create a bushy, uniform shape with emphasis on each individual tree’s features. This work is done by hand which keeps any impact on surrounding wildlife to a minimum. Dobbies’ customers in Brighton can be assured they were not cut down from wild forests but instead come from environmentally managed plantations across Scotland.

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