Dog Of The Week At The Shoreham Dog Trust Can You Help

Dog Of The Week At The Shoreham Dog Trust Can You Help


A friendly five-year-old who is always enthusiastic to spend time with people —Dexteris bound to make for a fun new addition to the family.

This handsome Collie Cross has lots of energy, so is looking for owners who can provide him with plenty of opportunities to express his active nature. If you’re someone who is keen on getting involved with reward-based training and enjoy going on lots of adventures, then Dexter may just be the dog for you.

Despite his happy-go-lucky character, Dexter does have a sensitive side and a few worries about the world around him. His new family will need to get to know him over several meetings and he’ll need some extra support with building up his confidence around handling, car travel and traffic.

Dexter LOVES the company of other dogs when out on his walks and often looks to his pals to boost his courage. He will need to be the only pet at home but would benefit from having walking buddies or meeting up with other likeminded canines.

The youngest members of Dexter’s family should be aged 14 and it is essential that he has a garden of his own. If you think you may be able to offer Dexter your time, love and a some much needed home comforts – for life, and not just for Christmas – then please contact the Dogs Trust Shoreham on 01273 45256. The Rehoming Centre is based at Brighton Road, Shoreham, BN43 5LT.