Dog with a ‘wonky face’ born and raised at Dogs Trust Shoreham celebrates 10thbirthday and a decade in happy home

‘Upsy Daisy’ was hand reared by staff having overcome numerous health problems and been rejected by her mother

A ‘wonky faced’ pup who was born at Dogs Trust Shoreham and hand reared by staff is celebrating a decade in her happy home, living with the Assistant Manager of the centre, Vicky Grylls. ‘Upsy Daisy’, or Daisy as she is now known, was born at Dogs Trust Shoreham after her mum Cessie the Labrador was handed over pregnant. A decade ago, today (February 25th2010), Cessie gave birth to a large litter of nine puppies by emergency caesarean section.

Due to the longer recovery process of a caesarean, Cessie was unable to nurse her babies, so the staff bottle fed them while she recovered. At 13 days old, Cessie rejected Daisy but the staff were not so sure as to why. To give her the love she needed, Daisy was fostered by Assistant Manager Vicky who hand-reared her. Daisy was later diagnosed with having a ‘Cleft Soft Palate’ and a muscular problem in her jaw which meant she had an extra special wonky head.

Commenting on 10 years with her four-legged friend, Vicky said:

“Daisy had a difficult start in life with her health problems and being the only pup rejected by her mother. I couldn’t help but take her in and show her the love she deserved. We have such a special bond as I literally raised her. When the time came, I just couldn’t let her go and decided to adopt her for good. Ever since she has lived happily with me and her two Vizsla sisters.

“At six months old we noticed that Daisy’s head wasn’t growing quite right. She had a scan which diagnosed a muscular issue with her jaw that was causing her head to have a ‘wonky’ appearance. However, her unique looks just make her all the more special. Over the years we have had many special times together and I hope we have many more.”

There are plenty more uniquely loveable pooches waiting for their ‘furever’ homes at Dogs Trust Shoreham. If you think you are looking for a four-legged friend to live ‘happawly’ ever after with, just like Vicky and Daisy, please come down to the centre or give us a call on 01273 915100.