Dogs Trust Shoreham urges people  to give old dogs new digs   

Dogs Trust Shoreham urges people  to give old dogs new digs

Since lockdown began, demand for puppies has soared and families have welcomed the pitter patter of tiny paws into their homes. But Dogs Trust Shoreham, in West Sussex, is urging dog lovers who are thinking of welcoming a four-legged friend into their life to consider giving a golden oldie their perfect retirement home.

Google searches for buying a puppy increased by a huge 213% after lockdown began in March last year compared to the previous twelve months (1). Now Dogs Trust is asking people to remember that when it comes to giving a rescue dog a second chance, older dogs need new homes too – and have lots to offer.

Not one, but THREE such dogs are Bonnie, Sophie and Buffy (pictured left to right – Bonnie, Buffy, Sophie).

Bonnie, who is nine-years-old, Sophie, aged ten-years-old, and 11-year-old Buffy are best friends and completely devoted to one another. After coming into Dogs Trust Shoreham together in December, they spent just over three months at the rehoming centre before finding their fur-ever home.

Adel Burnett, Dogs Trust Shoreham Rehoming Centre Manager, said:

“It was essential that we keep these three adorable old ladies together and we are so pleased that we were able to do that.

“The youngster of the trio at nine-years-old, Bonnie is the most confident of the bunch, with a cheeky character.

“Ten-year-old Sophie is calm and sweet in nature. She takes most things in her stride. She loves to relax on the lap of her people pals while receiving a gentle fuss and also likes to potter about on her walks (when it’s not raining).

“At eleven-years-old, eldest Buffy is mostly deaf and only has one eye but doesn’t let it hamper her and she has a real love for life. Her favourite pastimes include spending time with her favourite people, enjoying a tasty meal and the occasional stroll.

“We’ve heard from their new owners that the ladies have settled in brilliantly and are enjoying all the luxuries a home has to offer, and would encourage anyone thinking of adopting a dog to consider an older dog. They say that Bonnie, Sophie and Buffy make them so happy and seeing them happy is fantastic.”

In the nine months up to the end of March this year, almost 50% of people looking to adopt a dog from Dogs Trust were looking for a four-legged friend under six months, compared to 5% looking for a dog aged 8 or over. (2)

Adel added:

“In the last year so many people have wanted to welcome a puppy into their family, but just like Bonnie, Sophie and Buffy have proven, older dogs make fantastic companions too.

“Older dogs are often calmer and less energetic so although they may still be playful and enjoy a stroll in the park, hiking up hills may be a thing of the past for them, which suits some owners, young and not so young.

“Also with an older dog, what you see is what you get both in terms of personality and size and although you can certainly teach an older dog new tricks, they usually know the training basics and have experienced many things in their lives, so as long as they have had positive experiences, they will take things in their stride.

“Helping an older dog enjoy their autumnal years and giving them the chance to live their best life is incredibly rewarding. Owners always tell us that the feeling you get from seeing them safe, warm, happy and enjoying an afternoon snooze snuggled up on the sofa, is something that can’t be beaten.”

Dogs Trust is working to change the tale for older dogs who find themselves without a forever home. To find out more please go to To find out more about caring for an older dog, visit