‘DRIFT APART COME TOGETHER’, a solo art exhibition by Seychellois artist George Camille

‘DRIFT APART COME TOGETHER’, a solo art exhibition by Seychellois artist George Camille

While the world is adopting the new normal to contain the pandemic, more and more things that we do are becoming virtual. As we spend time apart, a local art NGO – Seychelles Art Foundation – is trying to bring people ‘closer’ together, not necessarily in physical term, but rather, to create a stronger sense of community, especially for sharing the love of art and culture in Seychelles.

Partnered with Seychellois artist George Camille, a rather bold decision was made – to exhibit over 50 original artwork created over the last three years. All of the works are on exhibit for the first time to the public, in a physical location during this difficult time.

An opening for the exhibition was organized in George Camille Gallery (Kaz Zanana), on Friday evening, 17th December 2021. Following his encouraging speech, President Wavel RAMKALAWAN officially opened the exhibition. Guests included First Lady, Linda RAMKALAWAN, Minister Sylvestre RADEGONDE, Minister Rose Marie HOAREAU, Secretary General David André and members of the Diplomatic corps, artists and friends.

Shirley Huizhong Yu, Director of the Foundation explained the reasons for staging the exhibition now: As we are in the middle of the pandemic and no one knows when the world will emerge from this dark and difficult period, it takes more courage and effort for any artist who has weathered uncertainty and yet continued to create. The idea of having a physical art exhibition is an example set by the artist and the foundation, not only to shine a light on our artist community for their diligence in ensuring art always survives, but also to bring the extended community the long overdue joy of having close connections and appreciations of the artworks right in front of them.

Entitled as ‘DRIFT APAT COME TOGETHER’, the exhibition comprises large paintings, etchings and sculptures, from which viewers can find imageries that powerfully dig to the very marrow of the pandemic and the crux of its effect upon on us. “I wanted to create the feeling of being helpless and powerless against forces that are beyond our control as humans “, said Mr. Camille. However, hope and a sense of holding and hanging on can also be found.

“Out of control but not resigned. It’s human nature to find the resolve to surmount life’s challenges. We’ve all got our own ways of coping”, said Mr. Camille. After his long career of over 35 years as an artist, this exhibition is without doubt a milestone for the artist.

The exhibition features a large collection of new series of his works, among which some have been or are scheduled to be exhibited overseas, including Segou, Mali 2019; Dakar, Senegal 2022; and Beijing, China 2022.

The exhibition is open to the public from Monday 20th December and runs through for one month. Admission to the exhibition is free. On occasion, the gallery will offer special programming that requires a reservation. Victors are encouraged to contact the gallery on telephone 4325534 for further details.

The opening event is sponsored by Arterial Network Seychelles, Mamma Mia and Le Chantier Dental Clinic.