England’s Most Christmassy Counties

England’s Most Christmassy Counties

It’s that time of year again, the trees are up, the house is decorated, and the high street is filled with excited shoppers. Yes, it’s Christmas!

We’re sure you have heard tales from friends about their hometowns and the festive celebrations within them. I think many of us will always feel like our own home county has the most Christmas spirit as it evokes childhood memories and excitement.

However, konservatory has finally found a way to put that debate to rest. By finding the most searched Christmas-related keywords in Google from 2015-2019. This was then broken down by both population and location to find out the average search per person to reveal how Christmassy each country is.

The top spot was taken by Greater London with a whopping 63.3 searches per person, which is staggeringly higher than the second place of West Midlands at 33.4 searches.

Durham and Rutland are feeling very scrooge-like with a measly 1.7 and 1.8 searches per person. That averages out at less than half a search a year per person, how do they find that perfect ugly Christmas jumper for the office party every year?

East Sussex took a respectable 16th place at 14.3 searches per person, do you agree with our placing? You can argue both ways, are the top-ranking counties so in love with the holidays they are always seeking more of yuletide joy.

Perhaps those who search so few times do so due to having so much Christmas spirit they don’t need any more? Here in East Sussex, we believe the Christmas moods are abundant at this time of year, just take one look at Brighton high street and our spectacular lights and you feel the same.

Not to mention the bounty of activities and shows for the whole family, perhaps we are all just too busy with what East Sussex has to offer, we simply do not have the time to search for any more!