Environmentalists & Artists initialed dialogues to raise awareness of environmental sustainability in Seychelles

Environmentalists & Artists initialed dialogues to raise awareness of environmental sustainability in Seychelles.

Seychelles Art Foundation, formerly Seychelles Art Projects Foundation, is hosting a dialogue event involving active Environmentalists and Artists in Seychelles at Kaz Zanana Gallery in Victoria this Friday afternoon. The event, entitled ‘Stir it UP!’ – A dialogue between Environmentalists and Artists, is part of the conceptualization phase of the Art Installation project – UP! Seychelles, on the three main islands of Seychelles.

Seven active Environmental NGOs, including Seychelles Island Foundation, The Ocean Project, GVI Seychelles, Marine Conservation Society Seychelles, Seychelles Sustainable Tourism Foundation, Sustainability for Seychelles, Sea Turtle friends Seychelles and Wildlife Clubs of Seychelles have joined in the conversation. Each NGO is invited to express their concern on a specific topic regarding environmental sustainability by sharing their personal stories and experiences in the field.

Following the presentations, the artists, who are currently working on the concepts and ideas for the UP! Seychelles project, had the chance to raise their questions, not only to get a more in-depth understanding about current status of environmental sustainability development in Seychelles, but also in addressing the real challenges of the project, namely, sourcing raw materials and finding appropriate space to create and display the installations.

‘Art is a very direct and powerful communication tool’, said Mr. George Camille, Chairperson of SAPF, ‘and the UP! Project is all about raising awareness through art. We hope this dialogue will serve as a starting point of connection between environmentalists and artists to send the message that is truly important and vital to the environmental sustainability of Seychelles.’

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About Seychelles Art Foundation:
Seychelles Art Projects Foundation was established by a group of Seychellois artists prior to the first national participation at the Venice Biennale (2015 edition), since then SAPF has established itself as a body capable of delivering project outcomes at the highest international and domestic level. SAPF’s mission is to enhance the quality, status and development of the visual arts in the Seychelles. SAPF devises, designs, funds and delivers a range of art events and activities which involves and impacts upon various Seychelles communities. About UP!

The title of the project ‘UP!’ refers to ‘increase’, as encapsulated within the principal aims of the project – to increase environmental awareness; to increase environmental good practice; to increase local capacity to underwrite sustainability of achievements; and to involve and empower the Seychelles community, specifically – though not exclusively – the community of cultural actors. The project is about the creation and installation of major public art works – notably sculpture, installations, murals and video – all site specific and located to deliver maximum exposure for educational, aesthetic and motivational messages concerning environmental sustainability in Seychelles. The project is funded by the GEF Small Grants Programme.

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