Eoghan McHugh Stories From A Man And His Bike

Eoghan McHugh Stories From A Man And His Bike

On September 21st, local cyclist, Eoghan McHugh, is planning to ride up and down Firle Beacon in East Sussex 70 times. This is to complete a challenge called ‘Everesting’.

Eoghan has two goals with this challenge. The first is to encourage the local Sussex community to take part. Local food truck, Sussex Coffee Trucks, will there for the day.

Eoghan is hoping fellow cyclists join for a few sympathy reps. He’s also hoping families come out. This is a great opportunity to come, forget about the difficulties of the last few months and enjoy beautiful Sussex.

The second goal is to raise money for Surfers Against Sewage.

Surfers Against Sewage
Surfers Against Sewage have been raising awareness on the environmental, recreational and  economic benefits of clean water through the UK since 1990.

The charity works at several levels. They work with communities to clean beaches and educate on the importance of clean waterways. SAS also work at the national policy level through their Waves All-Party Parliamentary Group.

Everesting is a unique one-day challenge.

In principal, it’s simple. Pick a hill. Ride up and down until the height of Mount Everest (8,848 meters) is reached.

In practice, Everesting is a war of attrition. To complete this challenge, Eoghan will have to ride up and down Firle Beacon 70 times – a total of around 115 miles.

The average completion time for this challenge is between 12-15 hours.

Eoghan has been active in the community since moving here in 2015. He was member of several local theatre groups. In 2017, he joined the Sussex Nomads Cycling Club. Recently, Eoghan has been exploring the South Downs. In July, he attempted the South Downs Way Double – a 200-mile ride that must be completed in 24-hours. At hour 23, he was 178 miles in. It’s still on his hit list!